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Hi I'm Manti Bailey

I'm serving a mission in new mexico and I'm a mormon!

About Me

I am Cherokee/Lakota and LDS better known as Mormon. I grew up living the old ways of my people and how to become one with the earth, our people, and the Creator. I was born into the church but i went in search of my own testimony of what the truth was and is, as my father said to me "how does Manti know what is true?" so that is how I try to live on a daily basis now. I was baptized in a creek when i was eight years old in 1998 and i have not once regretted this great and wonderful blessing! I am an eagle scout in the Boy Scouts of America and have served in this way for many years now, i love sharing the gospel and showing how the book of mormon is OUR history because i lived it i can show it. Someone once asked me "how can you be a mormon and a traditonal native american? doesn't the christians believe diffrently?" and i said the mormons taught me what to believe and the natives taught me how. We are a circle, Because of the teachings of my ancestors and with the iron rod in hand i know how to walk the straight path, all i have to do is do it!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm mormon because when i was six years old i could no longer live without finding what the "truth" was that everyone talked about. There were so many religions including my church that said they had the true gospel. They claimed to believe in Jesus Christ but had so many different beliefs of him, as a native i was taught he was loving and played the greatest part of the creation of our world. Other religions said he would come with a flaming sword and hated people of different faiths and that he was God, Jesus and Holy Ghost. When I went searching i fell on my knees and asked my God what was true? And my own testimony was born after that, I knew without any doubt that the Book of Mormon was true and even though the Bible has had information taken from it it is still sacred and holy and STILL has great history that should be learned and taught to all who desire to learn. I am Mormon because i know as sure as the sun rises in the east and as the birds sing that this is the true church!

How I live my faith

I teach frequently about my culture and since i still live this way it is easy to relate it to people. With the aid of the Book of Mormon and the other Holy Scriptures these things are easier to teach people about how the natives believe and why we do. When i was a little boy i was taught stories about " the great white god" and "the feathered serpent" and "the pale one" different names that Christ is often reffered to. my favorite title of his is in our cherokee language: unelanvhi adanvto. The heart of God.

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Manti Bailey
Yes!! it is so true.. I have heard so many stories around the council fire about the pale one that came to this land and taught our people, he did many wonderful things. He taught us the way of peace and harmony a way of life us cherokee refer to as: etsi elohi. The way of mother earth. When i first read the entire book of mormon i cried because i saw some of these very stories from the elders that had never heard of the book of mormon. There are several places that are sacred to the native peoples, one of them is the etowah mounds in georgia, some of the artifacts that have been found tell stories of this great and wonderful man with the pierced hands. This is only one of many things that speak of him Show more Show less

Why don't Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church's law of health and proper diet?

Manti Bailey
Just as most cultures have a certain type of diet so do mormons, we believe that all that God has created is sacred and should be treated as such. If we take tobacco into our bodies it can cause lung,throat or even stomach cancer and other things, being native we use tobacco in ceremonies but it's not ever to be used inside of us it is normally just placed on the ground when we use it. Imagine a wonderful tree that has seen generations of people and has the most beautiful flowers and fruit. Would you pour poison on it? We have something we refer to as the word of wisdom, in it it tells us about what our Creator says is good or bad for our bodies. Alcohol, Coffee, Tobacco and even iced or sweet tea is all bad for us. Even medical doctors agree with us on that. The word of wisdom also tells us what to eat, like a food pyramid. We are to use the herbs of the earth, we should eat grains and fruit and vegetables mostly. Meat should be sparing. And all things we should give thanks and waste not. Show more Show less