What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Bryce

I'm a husband and father of two. I'm a designer. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Just a few years ago I graduated from a university with a degree in Industrial Design. I love art, drawing, design, graphics, and enjoy giving back to the community around me. For some years I was a managing designer at a company, but recently I chose to start my own design consultancy, helping local individuals and businesses with their graphic design, web design, and product design needs. I have a beautiful wife, and am a proud father of two adorable children. One of the reasons I started my own design business was to be closer to my family. I believe the family is the number one source of happiness in our lives, so spending significant time with them is one of my top priorities.

Why I am a Mormon

Some may think that I'm a Mormon just because I've been a member since I was a child. It seems easy to continue in a path that we've been given since we were young. But I do have real reasons why I'm a member of the church, why I believe the doctrines of the gospel, and why I continue to worship as a Mormon. I have a testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and of the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is taught in the church. This testimony is a sure knowledge of the truth of the church. I gained that knowledge through much study and prayer to know if what this church teaches is right. Through several experiences too sacred to tell, I have a witness from God that it is true. God sends his Spirit to testify to us of the truth, and I have felt that Spirit many times. The doctrines, and gospel, and commandments that I've learned really do come from God, who is our Heavenly Father, and He wants what's best for us so that some day we may return to live with Him, and with our families.

How I live my faith

I love my church. I've participated in its activities and worship since I was a child. There is nothing else that brings more peace of mind, hope, and faith, than the things I learn in the church. I regularly attend church worship services on Sundays, and try to live the things I've learned during the rest of the week. In my local congregation, or ward, my wife and I have been given the responsibility to teach the temple preparation class. This is a class given to members who are preparing to attend the temple for the first time, or who want to learn more about it. I love the temple. The temple is different than the church buildings where we normally worship on Sundays. The temple is where we go to learn about the most sacred and important reasons for our life on earth. In the temple we make covenants, or solemn promises, with God to follow his commandments, and in return we are promised great blessings. The temple is also where we are sealed together as families, not only for time, but for all of eternity. I am so grateful for that promise, that I will be with my family forever, even after this life.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Church services on Sundays consist of three one-hour meetings. One of those meetings is called Sacrament Meeting. During this meeting, the sacrament is passed to members (also called Communion or Eucharist in other denominations), which is a small piece of bread and small cup of water. This is done in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Only baptized members of the church partake of the sacrament. Also during this meeting, several members of the congregation give talks on gospel subjects as assigned by the congregation leaders. They share their experiences, knowledge, thoughts, and testimony of those gospel subjects. Another meeting on Sunday is called Sunday School. This is a meeting which is split up, mostly by age, into different groups. A teacher, chosen from the congregation, teaches a lesson about a selection of chapters from one of the scriptures. There are also other special Sunday School classes, for basic gospel principles, temple preparation, marriage and family, etc. The third type of meeting on Sunday is Priesthood meeting for the men, and Relief Society for the women. In this meeting, a teacher from the congregation teaches on a variety of subjects ranging from basic gospel principles, to recent General Conference talks, to topics chosen by the local leaders. Visitors are very welcome at Church meetings. Let someone know if you are visiting, and they will guide you through the various meetings. Show more Show less