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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm studying to be a doctor, while awaiting my first child. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in Wisconsin, USA. Having been to the doctor one too many times as an accident prone child, I decided to become one. My specific interest in medicine is in primary health care for under served populations, such as the uninsured and homeless. Good doctors have made a difference in my life and I feel others have the right to the same care. When I find time away from my training in class and the hospital I spend time with my wife. We enjoy reading, photography and being outside. As for myself I enjoy playing and watching sports. Personal favorites being basketball, american football, and lacrosse. Having lived in Italy for some time I can also appreciate a good football (soccer) match.

Why I am a Mormon

When I lived in Italy, I was often asked "why are you Mormon as opposed to another religion?" It is a question I gave a lot of thought to because there is plenty of good in other churches. I feel that many churches share teachings from the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, my answer to them always was, "I would like to think that I would join whatever church that was being led by God." Because in the end the name of the church is just that a name, the building in which you meet just a building. What I am personally interested in is where God is, because that is where I want to be too. I have received most of my scholastic training in science. Something that many would say is the opposite of religion, and that the two cannot agree. Early in my training I encountered people who had these exact sentiments, people that said creationism and scientific theory could not co-exist. Both were very important to me, and I did not see why I should choose one or the other. I began to increase my study of the scriptures and words of the prophets in order to resolve this supposed conflict of interests. What I found was that there was no conflict to begin with, but that God and science generally agree. God is all-knowing, meaning he knows science. God created everything on earth, and everything on earth obeys scientific laws. God uses science in creating and governing the world. As I studied to find how science and God were interwoven something began to change in my life; the other scriptures that I was reading were teaching me how to be a better person. They were teaching me how God worked anciently. And as I read the accounts and teachings from the modern day prophets and apostles within the Mormon church I began to see how it all fit too perfectly to be just chance. Everything just fit. Nothing seemed to be out of place. One teaching really struck me, and made all the other teachings and scriptures both ancient and modern more than just teachings; it made them all a reality. Christ taught that he came to teach the will of his Father, God. And if we would but just try the teachings in our own life we would find out for ourselves if they were truly divine. As I studied and tried to implement the teachings I felt myself change inside. I felt a greater peace. As I prayed to know if God was in the Mormon Church, or elsewhere, I felt an assurance within. I felt a joy, a true happiness that nothing could take away from me. The scriptures also teach that good comes from God and not evil. It was the best I have ever felt. And as I follow the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that same feeling returns again and again. I am a Mormon because the Church provides the answers I am looking for and gives me a feeling I have not felt as I have learned of any other religion.

How I live my faith

A close friend once told me, "I believe in doing good, and trying to help people in this life whether God is there or not." I try each day to do the same; however, I believe that God is there and that He would have me do good and help others. That is what the teachings and actions of the prophets and Jesus Christ show. Because I believe that the family is pivotal to God's plan for us here on earth, my family is one of the most important things in my life. Right now my family is just my wife and I. Nonetheless I seek to balance my day between school and home so that I can be home with my wife when she gets home from work. My relationship with her is something I am trying to improve every day. My family is one of the the greatest spiritual strengths in my life. On a weekly basis my faith impacts my life in various ways. Whether it is attending church service on Sundays or reading scriptures and praying during the day, I try to keep God constantly in my life. One of the other ways in which I live my faith is through service within the community as well as within my church. Some days I spend time in a children's hospital dialysis unit with children that are there for treatment due to kidney failure. I play games with them, watch movies with them, and most importantly talk with them about what is going on in their lives. Being so young with such a serious condition limits them from getting the everyday childhood experience. I try to give some of that back. I also spend some Saturdays in a clinic for the uninsured or in a homeless shelter teaching about health conditions, managing your health, or providing health screenings and care. In my church I spend a few hours a week organizing lessons for Sunday and visiting members of the church in their homes to check on how they are doing. The way I see it, Christ asked us to follow him and try to live the lessons he taught in his life. Christ served every day of his life because he loved us. In my own small way I am trying to do the same.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Mormons focus many of their beliefs and actions on what is taught in the scriptures. This focus comes from the belief that the scriptures were written by prophets, who were mortal men that God chose to teach his plan to. The scriptures exist because those prophets were told by God to write and share this plan with all God's children. Mormons believe that the purpose of life is to learn that plan and then follow it. Mormons believe that God's plan extends beyond this life and that this life is a time to prepare to return to God. In a sense this life is like school, it provides each of us a chance to learn, grow, and improve. As we learn what God expects of us and seek to follow that we as people change. Our desires become more in line with what God wants. Our actions become more in line with what God would have us do. Overall we become more like God and his Son would have us be. That is the purpose of life. However we cannot do it alone. We need help, because in the end none of us are perfect. That is why we aren't alone in this world, we have our fellowmen to reach out and help us and we should seek to help our fellowmen. And although we do much good together, we still are imperfect people helping other imperfect people. This is why Jesus Christ is so important in helping us fulfill the purpose of life. If our ultimate goal is to return to be with God, and the scriptures teach that no impure thing can live with God, we must live better. We must seek to change our very nature. And while following the scriptures is critical to this process, it is only part of the process. Turning to Jesus Christ is the other part of the process. Having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, and then following Christ in our everyday lives will allow Christ to make up the difference for our short comings and save us from our imperfections. The purpose of life is to not lose faith and to find a way to do these things. Show more Show less