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Hi I'm Daryl

Hi, I'm a convert to the Church and was baptized in Hawaii, I love the gospel.

About Me

I spent 9 years in the US Nuclear Navy aboard a submarine and surface ship. While I was stationed in Hawaii, I was being taught by two missionaries from the LDS Church. I loved my time in Hawaii and the Hawaiian members of the church were like family to me. I left the Navy and met a young LDS girl from SE Utah, we were married in the Jordan River Temple and now have 4 children. We enjoy living and working on our farm in Western Colorado. We have chickens, pigs, a couple of cows, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 guinea pig, 4 crazy kids, and many, many weeds. I own a Safety Consultation business and assist private companies and governments with their safety programs and provide training for employees on numerous safety topics. We have 10 employees and some are mormons some are not.

Why I am a Mormon

I remember as a teenager wanting to know the "meaning of life". I have always thought there must be more to life than being born, living, and dying. I have always been analytical and needed to validate theories by proven fact. I investigated many churches in my teens and early 20's. I just couldn't get the answers to my questions from other churches. I felt each church had a little bit of a bigger picture. I was very open minded to investigating other churches and religions and therefore decided to listen to two young men representing the Mormon Church. I didn't know much about the Mormon church at that time and my only preception back then was "the Mormons were very conservative and had a thing for storing food." As the missionaries were teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ they taught a principle that was very new to me, and I quote, “...families can be together forever." As soon as they said these words I knew without hesitation, without a thread of doubt, that this was a true principle. Because of this knowledge and the confirmation of this principle I decided to heed the missionaries’ advice and ask my Father in Heaven if this was not true. I combined fasting (going without food for a few meals) and prayer on a Monday evening in 1985. I was on my knees, addressing God, when something happened to me. I lost all track of time; I couldn't tell if I was praying for minutes or hours. As my eyes were closed, I could see the most powerful and moving image I have ever experienced. I saw Jesus Christ standing in front of me with His palms forward, looking down on me. He said three words that have changed my life forever..."Come Follow Me." I will never deny this happened to me, for it did. After what seemed like a rushing of so many emotions through me; shame, insignificance, humbleness, relief, comfort, and finally JOY...I cried and washed away the unknown. I have found the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I am currently the Ward Mission Leader and work closely with our full time missionaries. I help our Ward (assigned congregation by area we live) stay missionary minded. We want many...actually everyone, to come unto Christ. I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who want to know more, The closer each of come to the Savior, the more we know about the will of God, the better off we all will be - individually and a people as a whole. I look for ways to let people know "I AM A MORMON" then I just set back and wait, someone will always ask me a question...I love it.

What do Mormons believe about family?

We have learned that we must find a balance in the busy life we live. As we place the Lord Jesus Christ first doing His will not our own we lift our family to a new height of spirituality. We experience a mighty change of heart, we want to be better than we were, we want to spend more time with our family, and we want to love each other more. I want to live with my family for eternity, as a father, son, and brother. This can be accomplished by making covenants promises with God and keeping them. I am not perfect, but the Atonement sacrifice for my sins of Jesus Christ is, and because of what He did...I have a chance to be part of an eternal family. Not only do we have our own personal families, but we also have a family at our church...our Ward Family. We learn to serve each other in a way that strengthens us emotionally, spritually, and physically. I have lived in many ward families and each has a unique relationship, they are never the same. The constant in each Ward family is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, what a wonderfully blessing it is to go from Ward to Ward and find the same thing taught and lived. Show more Show less