Greg: Mormon.

Hi I'm Greg

About Me

I am on my third move to a third state looking for a better job. I just joined a large law firm practicing litigation. I love playing with my children and spending time with my wife. I also enjoy writing music.

Why I am a Mormon

I love the peace of mind the Church gives me. It's teachings in strong faith and trust in the Lord make difficult decisions in a challenging world easier. The teachings of the Church have led me closer to Christ. They have given me a testimony of the reality of our Savior.

Personal Stories

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

When we make right choices, we become empowered to make more right choices for a few reasons. First, we begin to recognize how right choices make us feel and we seek to have more of those feelings by making other right choices, Second, we begin to recognize the promptings of the Spirit and that leads us to making more right choices. Finally, we learn more and more the types of choices that God wants us to make, and that makes it easier to recognize the right choice when another decision comes along.

How I live my faith

My work is one where those that are occupied by it can get blinded by quick dollars and cutting corners in order to increase business. Applying the principles of honesty and compassion when dealing with all types of clients has helped those I work for build confidence in me. Using the foundations of the Gospel in our work has helped to set our firm apart from others in the area. And business couldn't be better.