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Hi I'm Susie

Thirty-Two years ago I join the Church best decision I ever made. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always thought of myself as pretty normal, ups, downs, but now that I have entered the "grandma" stage, I skipped the children and went straight to grandma, I find all the life's lessons learned to be very helpful not only with my grandchildren, but with others who I see with some of the same struggles. Even with all my learning years I have found I am still learning and improving and hope to do that for the rest of my life. The "old dog" is not to old to learn new tricks. I thank my Heavenly Father for a teachable heart.

Why I am a Mormon

I was always a kind and good person. I always tried to do the right things, however, I felt like I kept getting egg in my face. Friends, boyfriends, many of the people around me were just not good for me or supportive. My life was what I called shallow no deep substance to me or my life. I seemed to struggle with the person who lived on the outside in my actions and another person who lived on the inside who seemed to have a higher calling for me. When I meant the missionaries, I had been introduced several times over the years, some thing was different this time. Maybe it was me and the fact that I was tired of hitting my head against the walls as it was and looking for more substance. The missionaries started sharing with me lessons. I was surprised much was things I already believed in, but no church had ever taught me, no paid ministry, revelation from Heavenly Father today and more. All the lessons they would challenge me to find out for myself by praying and asking Heavenly Father if what they were sharing was true, they would say you can know for yourself, Heavenly Father will tell you in your mind and in your heart. One time this comment, "You can find out for yourself" really hit home. I was 30 years old so no young 19 year old was going to tell me something and I was just going to believe it. But if Heavenly Father would tell me! I was quite sarcastic at the time and thought to myself, what a gimic, how can they do that trust that I can find out for myself. But right after that thought was a sweet feeling that came over me and I thought, but if Heavenly Father would let me know and I knew it was Him, I would give away all my sins and follow Him. I have been a member for over 30 years now, but you know every day I still commit to Him that I will follow Him and His Prophet on the earth today. Now my outside actions lives in great harmony with my inside spirit from Heavenly Father and I daily experience the great promise of peace from the Lord, "My peace I give unto you.., not as the world givith..." John 14:27

How I live my faith

One day at a time. I have been blessed to work with the children, youth & adults of the Church. I currently am working with the children and love to see the children learning about Jesus just like I did. Even though I joined the Church as an adult. I remember my first opportunity to serve was with the teens in a statewide Dance Festival. I was scare to death, but those fears soon left as I found them to be charming, funny, polite, and supportive to me and each other. Our youth are the best ambassadors of our Church and I learned first hand why in this first calling. My last opportunity to serve adults was as a Family History Consultant, what a joy to help members and non-members alike find family members and complete their family tree. I remember meeting a nun, who only had been told stories regarding her family history nothing written down. What unspeakable joy you could see in her eyes as she shared with me the confirmation of those stories now in documents which provided her more detail and specific about her extended family. Another family who were going on a trip soon to an area where they knew their ancestors were from, but did not have a specific city. We were able to get a specific city, which they were able to visit and more names of family they didn't have. What a joy to serve the Lord with all His children.

What is being a Mormon like?

One of the things and there are many, is that you have family all over the world. I remember one time I was applying for a job, during the interview it came up that chances were 100% I would have to move. I told the employer that was no problem as any where I moved to I would have an immediate family. I would have people who religously believed the same as I did although individually we are very different, in fact chances were very high we would be studying the same lesson at church. I always put on my resume that I have served a mission for the church; I have found it always to be an assets. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

When I was first in the church I heard an Apostles, Bruce R McConkie, state, "Faith is a gift of righteousness." I thought it is within my control to be more righteous and do what I know my Heavely Father would want me to do. I put it to the test, by making better decisions & choices and my faith grew. Show more Show less