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Hi I'm Cornelius

I am a Mormon and excited to share stuff on the Internet about me and my Faith!

About Me

My name is Cornelius H. I am a student at a university here in Idaho. I am studying Computer Information Systems with a minor degree in the Spanish Language. I am a father of two and have a wonderful wife!! I am so excited that I can be here to share my faith and thoughts with people on Mormon.org.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have had a personal witness of its truth. Let me explain: I was born to parents who were members of the LDS church. I grew up attending church every Sunday and playing with other kids my age that were members of the church also. I attended lots of activities and events associated with the church. At eight years old I decided to be baptized a member of the church. From then on I continued to frequent the LDS Church and to associate myself with its teachings. I graduated High School in 2003 at 18 years old. For the next year of my life I attended the local university. As I attended the university I started considering a two year, full-time mission for the church. As I considered this, I realized that if I was going to spend my own money, and my own time for two years dedicated to a religion, then I better be absolutely sure that what I was doing was what God wanted me to do. I grew up having a close relationship with my Heavenly Father or God. Even though I wanted to make sure the teachings of the LDS Church were correct, I already knew that I had a Heavenly Father. I knew this because I had prayed many times to him. I grew up with the knowledge that prayer was not a set thing that a person did in a set way. It was more like a conversation. I would simply talk with my Heavenly Father about my questions, thank him for stuff that had happened to me, or even just let him know how I was feeling. The best part about praying is that it was never a one-way conversation. I always got an answer to my questions. Now mind you, it wasn't always a clear or immediate answer but in one way or another I would ALWAYS know what the Lord thought about my questions. Most often the answers came as a sense of comfort and relaxation telling me that what I asked was right. If it was something that He didn't want me to do I never felt comfortable or relaxed about the subject in question. I wanted to make sure that a mission was the right thing, I knew that if I asked God, that he would let me know what to do. So I did just that. I studied the teachings of the LDS Church, then I approached my Heavenly Father about whether following the LDS Church and even representing the LDS Church was the correct thing. As I explained before I did get an answer. I felt a peaceful calm in my heart and mind. I knew without a doubt that this Church was the Church of Jesus Christ and that I was doing the correct thing by following its teachings and by serving a full-time mission. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that he died for me. I will never be perfect and I mess up just like anyone else does, but I know that because Jesus died for us, we can all repent and come to him with "broken hearts and contrite spirits" as the Bible teaches us.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many ways: I served a full-time mission for the church when I was only 19 years old. I lived for those two years in Italy. With "help from on high" and a lot of practice I was able to learn the Italian language soon after arriving there. As a missionary we would do many things. First we would preach the gospel. By the gospel I mean the teachings of our church, the Bible and also the Book of Mormon. We would do this door-to-door, in the streets, in parks and even by appointment if someone called us wanting to know more about what we teach in our church. We would also do service projects such as helping people move, cleaning nature areas, helping with disaster areas and much more. We even taught English classes in many of the cities that I lived in. It was an amazing time in my life that was dedicated 24/7 to the service of others and to preaching the Word of God. Currently I also serve in a local ward or church. This ward is made up of the members of the LDS church that live around us in the neighborhoods. By serve in the ward, I mean that I attend meetings there on Sunday, and I have a calling or job that I do every week. My calling is to teach the young 6-7 year old kids in our ward. I do this with the help of a good friend of mine. Every week we prepare a small lesson about Gospel teachings complete with games, stories and even songs. It is really quite fun. The kids in our group are super fun and have tons of energy.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

As the Bible teaches, baptism is a very important rite. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ himself showed us how important baptism was by being baptized also. The scriptures teach us that baptism is necessary to "wash" our sins away so we can be clean to return to our Heavenly Father one day. Obviously Jesus did not need to wash away his sins because he had none. But he had to show the way to all of us and give us a "perfect" example, as he did in many other things. Baptism not only washes our sins away but it is also how we become actual members of the Church. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

To understand why authority is needed to baptize, we must first understand the concept of authority. A police officer has the authority given to him by the city or state to perform certain duties, such as performing arrests, writing traffic tickets, etc. If I just put a light on my car and sounded a siren to pull you over, if you actually pulled over, you would probably laugh at me when you realized that I was just a normal citizen. I don't have the authority to pull you over. If was actually able to keep you there long enough to write you a ticket, then you would probably laugh even harder because a ticket from me, even if I mean well, is not valid. I don't have the authority to do that. Only the city or state, OR someone authorized by them, can do that. The same is with baptism. Baptism lets us "wash" away our sins and become members of the Church of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ has that authority or right. OR someone he has given permission to perform such an act. Show more Show less