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Hi I'm Tanya Kay O.

I'm so thankful to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

About Me

Hi! I grew up in a wonderful family with 12 children. My parents taught me to work hard, help others, love and serve God, be smart and get a good education and to love and take care of each other in our family. I am a registered nurse by profession and earned my master's degree in nursing education in 2005 - but one of the greatest blessings in my life has been to make the decision to stay home as a full-time wife and mother and to raise my family. My husband and I now have 7 of our own beautiful children. We are working hard to teach our children the same things our parents taught us- only it seems a lot harder now that we're the parents! We are learning so much every day and life is wonderful! I love my family! I love spending time with them. They are the most important part of who I am and my life.

Why I am a Mormon

There are so many reasons! Here are Five: 1. The teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ makes my life happy! 2. I have prayed about the teachings of the Church and I have received answers for myself that all that the Church teaches is true. Many times I have felt a peaceful feeling that whispered to my heart that what I was reading in the scriptures, or hearing from the prophet, or taught at church was true. 3. I have tried to live the gospel my whole life and I have tested out the teachings and know for myself that they are true and lead to happiness now and I believe they will lead to happiness in the next life too. Every time I have followed the Lord's commandments -- to read my scriptures, to love my family, to keep myself clean and virtuous and wait until I was married to have intimate relations with my husband, to be modest, to not drink coffee or alcohol, to be honest and not steal, to be kind to others, to go to church, --I have felt so blessed and peaceful and happy. We can know by both faith and by living the gospel that it is true. 4. In the gospel, I have hope through the atonement of Jesus Christ to be forgiven of the mistakes I make and to feel forgiven and clean. The Church is where you can find the priesthood authority given from God to be baptized for remission of sins, and to receive all the blessings of our Father in Heaven. The Savior can help us overcome our weaknesses and become better people. 5. Sacred Ordinances available in Holy Temples make it possible for our family to be together for eternity. This is very important to me. Not only does it bring a greater depth of joy in our marriage, but our first daughter was stillborn at full-term. This was a defining moment in my life with my testimony. I learned for myself how important and comforting the knowledge of the resurrection of all men is because of Jesus Christ and also that our family could be eternally connected.

How I live my faith

Living the gospel is what make our family happy! It affects every part of our lives. Each morning and night we kneel as a family for prayer and thank the Lord for blessing us and ask for His help. We teach our children to pray both morning and night and whenever they feel worried or scared or need to make a decision or are thankful for a blessing. We read our scriptures as a family, usually over breakfast before heading off to work and school. We know the Lord hears our prayers because He helps us all through the day and comforts our hearts. These simple things bless our lives so much. Once a week, usually on Monday nights, we also have a Family Night. We sing and pray and teach each other the gospel and also do something fun together - like a game or playing in the back yard or at the park or even just having ice cream together at home. When we get paid, we pay 10% of our paycheck to the Lord. This money goes to build churches and temples and to share the gospel. We also fast (or don't eat 2 meals) on the first Sunday each month and take the money we would have spent on the meals and give the money to the Bishop to use to bless those in our own neighborhood who are struggling and need financial help. The Lord always has given more back to us and taken good care of us and we know it is because we have done this. In the summer, our family helps at a church orchard close to our home. We help to pick the fruit that the church uses both locally as well as processes to send to others who need it throughout the world. We also try to help out others around us - help with moving people, yard projects, caring for children, sharing food and meals, giving rides and visiting others. We just try to be good people, and try to do what the Savior did. To love others, to be kind and to help when and where we are needed. We work hard and strive be honest. Living the gospel is a big part of who I am and what I spend my life doing!

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Tanya Kay O.
Mormon women are wonderful! They include women from all walks of life, from all countries, from all educational backgrounds and family situations. They are all different, but there is one thing they have the same - they are working at becoming better and blessing the lives of those around them. Mormons do believe in equality of men and women - Equal, yet different roles. In the gospel I have felt like an equal partner with men in building the kingdom of God. Men do hold the priesthood power and are primarily responsible for the leadership of the home and church, but women are viewed as equal, if not as more precious, as they are responsible for the nurturing of the family as well as those in the congregation, community, nation and world. Women participate in the organization of the church as leaders in three main areas: Primary (church program for children 18 mo-12 year old); Young Women's (church program for girls ages12-18); and Relief Society (church organization for all adult women 18 and up). Women leaders participate in sharing with their ideas and counsel equally with the men on the congregation level (or Ward), on the community level (or Stake) and on a world-wide level (General Church Authorities). Both men and women's efforts are valued and appreciated as both genders add different and yet important dimensions in understanding the needs of the church and in doing the Lord's work. Show more Show less