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Hi I'm Jason Whetten

I'm a psychology and neuroscience instructor, a new dad, a nerd, and a Mormon

About Me

Im a 27 year old brand new dad to a little girl named Grace. Between trying to get some sleep each night I spend my days lecturing on psychology and neuroscience for Northern Arizona University. Having grown up in the church and being a Latter-Day Saint my whole life I had never had to really stand up for what I knew to be true. Now in an academic field filled with men and women who often put reason and science above faith and family I have had to try a little harder to be an example of what I believe.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My parents taught me well in how to follow the Savior and I have watched their example. I am now at an age and position in life when it is fully my responsibility to choose whether I will follow God's commandments or an easier path. I continue to follow Him because as I do I feel His love and His hand my life. I am a member of LDS church because I know that because of God's love for us, He has called a prophet to lead us today. I know that becasue of God's love He has given us holy temples accross the earth where we can be sealed together as families. I have been able to be sealed for time and all eternity to my adopted brother and three adopted sisters along with my wife. There is a sweet assurance that comes knowing that no matter what, because of God's love, I can be with my wife for eternity. I know that because of God's love He has given us more scripture to study and learn from along side the Holy Bible. All of these things can only be found in one church, this church, and I have watched it bring happiness and joy not only into my lif, but also the life of my family and many others.

How I live my faith

Between teaching sometimes hundreds of students the principles of psychology and being a new dad it can often get hard to find time to pray, read my scriptures, or focus on my faith. However, as I couple the gospel with everything I do in my profession I am amazed at how the Lord has guided me. God's spirit testifies of truth, whether that truth comes from the scriptures or a neuroscience textbook. As I strive to teach God's truth in all I do I receive His help in balancing my life and being successful.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

Jason Whetten
Being a psychology instructor, I have taken a lot of psychology and sociology classes focusing on the family. I have sat through so many lectures about what is happening to the family today and how we as a society need to broaden our understanding of the family. I have listened to debated in class about how we can "save the modern family" from destruction. I have wanted so badly to raise my hand and tell the classes that all the problems the family is facing in the world today can be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we follow His teachings and come understand His plan for how a family functions we will find joy and peace in our homes and eventually society as a whole. The sociological world refers to a family as being "traditional" when based on separate roles for a husband and wife. A husband is responsible for caring for his wife and likewise a wife cares for his husband. Each are given special roles to play in the family and when followed the husband and wife can lead their family together and find joy together. Being recently married, this has taken on a whole new meaning. There are days that it is hard to care for a wife and accomplish all that my school program demands. But I know that as I put her first in my life, as the Lord has asked, everything else falls into place. To me, that is my role. To treat her like she deserves to be treated as a Daughter of God. Our mutual respect and following Christ's teachings is what brings us peace. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Jason Whetten
God has sent us to earth with a plan in mind. We are not wanderers sent to find our way. A plan has been set up from the beginning. This plan included Adam and Eve coming to the earth as our first parents and partaking of the forbidden fruit. This enabled all of us to come to the earth and fulfill God's plan for each of us. We are able to come to earth, and grow. We make mistakes and learn from them and better ourselves to become more like our Father in Heaven. However, also with this blessing comes the reality that through this growing proccess we become unclean and therefore unable to enter into God's presence. Jesus Christ makes it possible through His own sacrifice for each of us to repent of those mistakes and then continue on growing and learning. Also, because Jesus loves us, He not only paid the price for us to become clean through Him, but also experienced our every pain and heartache. He then through His Spirit and His disciples knows how to help each of us in our time of need. He is the Savior, and the only way to return to live again with our Father in Heaven and accomplish His plan was to follow His teachings. Show more Show less