What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jack Edward

I'm preparing to serve as a missionary to the people of Vanuatu.

About Me

I was blessed to come into this world to a wonderful family and I love them each dearly. I am the second oldest child in a family of six. I was baptised a member of the church in 1999. I have always had a love for education, in particular studying the scriptures but also modern world history, there are great lessons to be learned from looking back to those that have come before. I love sport, especially basketball. I enjoy the beautiful island of Tasmania, Australia and getting out there with friends and seeing the wonderul nature that is around us!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that the Church is true and the messages and council given by modern-day prophets who are called of God are so inspired and pertinent in todays world. I know that God lives and that he knows all of us individually and loves us and is looking for ways to bless us everyday. I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are true testaments of Christ, they are both as voices speaking from the dust and pointing us towards Christ. I know that it is only through Christ that we can be saved after all that we can do. By repenting and turning our life toward him he will make up the difference for all our shortcomings and we will be worthy one day to return to that God who gave us life. I know this to be true because when I was fourteen years old I read the Book of Mormon for the first time, and I prayed, wanting to know for myself the truth of it. I recieved my answer through the Holy Ghost a still small voice of comfort and insurance that to me was just as powerful as any visable evidence. Since then I have grown in my knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and have come to love them. I know that we all can recieve this answer for ourselves because God has promised it. I love the Gospel and look forward to the day I can spend the eternities with my parents and a family of my own.

How I live my faith

"Moral discipline is the consistent exercise of agency to choose the right because it is right, even when it is hard" - Elder D. Todd Christofferson My parents and also my grandparent have always taught me to live my faith. That being a member of Christ's Church means nothing unless you live as a disciple of Christ, and reach out in love to others and live in such a way that He would have me live. I have strived to take that on board by doing all that I can to be an example to my peers and making the most of opportunities to uplift others. Within the Church I have a few callings, or responisbilities. One of them is to be a Ward Missionary, to help teach others and fellowship and support new members. In a months time I will be leaving to serve as a Full-Time Missionary. I am called to serve the people in the country of Vanuatu and look forward to coming to love them, to serve them and teach them of Jesus Christ and the restoration of the true Church in these latter-days. I hope I can share the happiness, direction and hope that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought me and my family.

In whom should we have faith?

Jack Edward
True Faith is centred on Jesus Chirst and faith that isnt centred on Christ can fail. Although I have a testimony of latter-day prophets and local leaders that they are called of God, my faith, is in Christ. Prophets and Apostles point to Christ and direct us to have faith in him. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Jack Edward
A testimony is our personal witness of Christ and other truth's of the Gospel which we gain by praying and pondering the truth, with sincerity and real intent having faith that we will recieve the answer for ourselves. When we share our testimony, similar to the the scriptures being the testimonies of ancient prophets The Old Testament, The New Testament, The Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Jesus Christ We proclaim our knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. They are, so to speak our personal tesimony, or witness' of gospel truths. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Jack Edward
The Book of Mormon, like the Bible has many authors and like the Bible is a combination of many accounts into one volume. Its authors are prophets and leaders of the Ancient Americas who wrote there experiences and teachings to edify their children and to point them towards Christ. These many accounts were compiled by the ancient prophet Mormon and sealed up and buried until many years later Joseph Smith was led to find them and was given the power from God to translate the ancient language into what we now know as the Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Christ. Show more Show less