Ben Sarsozo: Tolstoy Farm, Sarsozo, Spokane, Broomfield, Espanola, Albuquerque, Mormon.

Hi I'm Ben Sarsozo

About Me

I joined the Church on July 3rd, 1983 at 6pm in Broomfield, Colorado. I was single at the time and shortly after getting baptized I met my sweet heart, Cindy. We have been married now for over 28 wonderful years. We have been blessed with 4 sons and 4 daughters. We are now starting to experience the joy of having grand children. We have three grand children, Caden, Shiloh, Oliver and a fourth coming in December 2014. It is amazing how important it is to have purpose and meaning in family life as you watch these little people come into the world. I dont pretend to think that life is void of challenges yet the Gospel bring me great peace and encouragement and confidence that my decendants have every reason to look forward to a wonderful and exciting future!

Why I am a Mormon

I had several Mormon friends that I trusted and respected but I didn't really want to become a Mormon. When My room mate and I decided to explore churches we wanted to find a home where we could grow spiritually and fellowship with other believers. The first church we went to was the Mormon Church up in Broomfield, Colorado. I immediately felt a warm and peaceful spirit. I wanted to go back the next week but Mark wanted to go to some other churches first. We spent the next year going to different churches. We would attend the service and then request a meeting with the Pastor or Preacher. We would ask about their belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. We would ask about their feelings about being paid to share the gospel with others. We would ask about other feelings and beliefs. Many times they would not make themselves available at all. After these interviews we would find ourselves moving on to the next church. We came full circle back to the Mormon Church and began to listen to the missionary lessons. There were certainly times during our discussions where it was necesary to step out on faith. Shortly after our lessons we both were baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands. I have been strengthened in so many ways as I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and children. You should know that I come from a blended family and I dont believe I would have even dared to think I could be a husband or a father without associating with others who set examples of noble and honorable husbands and fathers and citizens. As I look at the fruit of this great journey so far I am very humbled and thankful for the success through almost impossible odds. One of the Prophets of the church has said " No success can compensate for failure in the home." I am a Mormon because the Lord Jesus Christ has organized his church in the last days to bless, protect and preserve the most important organization in time and eternity - the family.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I have come to know that Joseph Smith is indeed a prophet of God. I find it interesting that in the Old Testament Joseph of Egypt said that another Joseph would be raised up. As I studied a lesson about the Prophet Joseph it was revealed to me that even though a father normally names his first born son after him, Joseph Smith, Sr. was inspired to save the name Joseph for his third son instead. He had no idea that this son was the one prophesied by Joseph of egypt yet he was inspired to name him Joseph Smith, Jr. instead of his first born son. Though I do not worship Joseph Smith, Jr., I have no doubt that he was indeed one of the Lords prophets and just like other prophets he brought a special message to validate his devine calling, even the Book of Mormon. You may hear many stories about this man of God. I find peace and comfort and strength in his teachings and as I ponder his teachings I find myself drawing ever closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. I am sure you will find the same if you treat him with the same respect as the other prophets of God.

How I live my faith

I find that the more I serve others the more I care about them and their well being. When I joined the church I didn't realize the opportunities I would have to apply the principles of the gospel that I was learning. I think that true religion is practical, applicable and useful in our daily lives. I have been called to serve in many ways over the years. Each assignment has been a great opportunity to develop my talents and abilities as I continue to learn to serve others and bless lives. I have had the opportunity to serve all age groups over the years. The youngest was the 18 month old Sunday School and every age group up to the adult Sunday School classes. It is a huge responsibility to share the message of the Savior with any of his children. I have found great blessings as I have pondered and studied about the life and ministry of the Savior as I have prepared messages for those I have served. It is true indeed that the teacher learns the most in the process of preparing for those he or she serves.