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Hi I'm Lora

And... I'm LDS. Welcome to my profile!!

About Me

I am a daughter, a wife, an adoptive and birth mother, a potential liver donor and a beloved daughter of our Heavenly Father. And, I'm Mormon. My husband is a nonmember so I strive hard to be a good spiritual leader in the home. Despite not being a member he holds a calling (Cub Scouts!) and is supportive in my spiritual needs and guidance of our boys. He even reads them the scriptures! Our oldest we adopted when he was 2 days old from a dear friend of mine. He is a nearly-seven year old, 1st grader and we've begun preparing him for baptism. My second child is 5 years old, thinks he's Superman (he's right!) and began Kindergarten this year. In the past 7 months I've lost 80+ pounds with the Henry Ford Liver Transplant Weight Loss Study in preparation to be a donor for my youngest boy. He was born without a bile duct (Biliary Atresia) and, though he's very stable right now, will need a new liver in the future. All three are wonderful blessings in my life. There are certainly a fair share of challenges in my life right now, but I know that without my testimony of my Heavenly Father I'd be lost within the "mist of darkness" instead of having a handle on the iron rod. It was my testimony that carried me through my excommunication in my early 20's and brought me out the other side a better person. It is my testimony that helps me to continue in my spiritual progression today. I have a long ways to go, but with God's hand in my life I know I'm able to accomplish anything!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised LDS, but even with the protection of faithful and goodly parents some children fall victim to abuse. And, I was. Shortly after I turned eight years old I was baptized as a member of the church. However, as I became a teenager and tried to come to terms with what I had gone through as a child I made poor decisions. I was angry and confused. I faced a lot of self-inflicted heart ache and I fell away from the church. I lost the presence of the Spirit, whom I did miss greatly, and my life only got worse. For several years I lived without the Spirit in my life and I was miserable for it. I felt as though I was in total darkness. It wasn't until I started dating my now husband (who was my best friend and confidant in High School) that I started to see the light. As I slowly came back to myself I started dropping the bad habits I had collected one by one. I started receiving the little nudges from the Holy Ghost because of it. I began to go to the Relief Society meetings with my mom and then I would go to sacrament meetings with both parents. Soon I was reading the scriptures again and talking to the Bishop (who was my Dad!) about questions that I had. On one such occasion we got into a discussion about love. I just couldn't understand why people (as a whole) couldn't just love each other. I felt so strongly about it and was in tears. He asked, "When would you like to be baptized?". He knew it was time and when he asked me I knew it was too! Why am I Mormon? Because I've tried it both ways and found that I couldn't be happier, more whole or fully myself being anything but.

How I live my faith

When I think about living my faith I always go back to the essentials; prayer, scripture study and family home evening (FHE). The older my children get the more these essentials become important to me! These things are so important for their spiritual growth. And, the older they get the more I need spiritual guidance and peace! I've also been blessed to move closer to the Temple and have had many opportunities to do the work within it's sacred walls.

What is being a Mormon like?

It's wonderful! I feel so much freedom from the pain that comes from poor choices. I no longer have no addictions to hold me captive or keep me from progressing. I feel a great sense of who I am, where I came from and where I'm going. I'm coming to understand the divinity that is me. And, am growing closer to my Heavenly Father, who loves, laughs and weeps for me (as i do for my children), each and every day. I'm also never without something to do that helps strengthen my testimony and me- as a person- and helps strengthen my friends and family. Show more Show less