Miranda : special needs, tuberous sclerosis, Mormon.

Hi I'm Miranda

About Me

I love the outdoors and find replenishment in nature. I also love making music. My family consists of five sparkling kiddos (one who has a rare genetic condition called Tuberous Sclerosis), and one amazing husband. We move around a lot due to my husband's work and I feel blessed by the community that I have in the Church. I grew up as a member of the Church, but I've really discovered over the course of my life that it's still the only way that I want to live. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real source of comfort in life and the only real source of answers to life's hardest questions. I love the fine arts and I also love watching fireworks. My kids are my challenge and my joy. My favorite thing to do is go for a walk with my husband. I also love going out to dinner with friends. My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from being true to the things that I know in my heart even when circumstances would dictate otherwise.

Why I am a Mormon

I feel strongly that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church that could really make me happy because it is the only church that promises that my family can be together as a family after we die. And it gives us the tools we need to help us be together now. When I was a little girl, I met President Monson, the current President of the Church. And even though I was just a child I felt the greatness of his spirit and the kindness within him. I know he's a prophet on the earth, for us, right now.

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet because of the Book of Mormon. When I read the Book of Mormon it changes my heart from wanting to do things my way to wanting to do things the Lord's way. I know that the book comes from God because it turns me to him. In the Bible, Christ teaches that you will know the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet by what "fruit" they bring forth. Well, the Book of Mormon is Joseph Smith's fruit. And because of it, I know him to be a true prophet.

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

Pray together. Read scriptures together. We have a family night together every monday night where we talk about Christ and we do an activity together. We read the scriptures every day as a family. And my husband and I read the word of God on our own every day too. Sometimes it feels like everyone is on edge and yelling at each other. When that happens, I really try to use a softer voice. It seems like most of my children's attitudes are a reflection of mine so I try to get a grip when we start getting dissonance.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Spirituality is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it becomes. So when we make right choices our spiritual strength increases and we're even more able to make more right choices.

Can you think of a specific challenge in your family that Gospel Principles helped overcome?

When our daughter was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex it was pretty overwhelming. She started having seizures and just 3 weeks old. The doctors told us that she may be non-verbal and in a wheelchair. So far, this seems to be close to the trajectory she's on for now. We've tried so many medicines and even brain surgery for her. She still has seizures and widespread developmental delay. We still try to encourage her, but we've had to stop putting our trust in medicines and procedures and instead put our trust in Jesus Christ. Knowing that God lives, and loves us, and has put a plan into action to enable our daughter to someday walk and talk and run and sing means everything to us. Because of the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our daughter has a bright future. We just have to wait and enjoy the present in the meantime.

How I live my faith

I just try to live with hope and courage. Sometimes, with a child with special needs, life can feel so daunting and discouraging. I just try to hold on to my belief in Jesus Christ, in his atonement to carry our burdens of sin and sorrow, and in his life-giving resurrection. I pray every morning and ask for strength to help me through the day. Then I work to serve my family and my neighbors. I do my best to listen to the whisperings of my heart so that I know what to do and when. I ask for forgiveness quickly and try to never burn a bridge. I try to see others as the children of God that they are. I let myself have authentic emotions and then I press forward.