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Hi I'm C. McBeth

I was born in California. I teach and repair pianos. And I'm a happy Mormon!

About Me

I have been married for 34 years and have 5 children. Three are married in the Temple. One son is serving a mission in Montana and a daughter is currently working as a photographer at Disneyland. I have more boy grandchildren than girls. The count is 5 Boys and 2 Girls. They are wonderful and seem to grow so quick. While growing up my mother taught me to paint and cook and sew. I learned to make bread and sell it to relatives. My father was an Electrical Engineer. He taught classes on Magnetic fields and has done research on cold fusion which was successful and the process patented. My dad also taught me to play the piano for a few years before I was taught by a professional teacher. My dad fixed and repaired everything at home by himself. I loved watching and would spend hours as he rebuilt various parts of our cars. When I was young he showed me how gas weld, and many wood working tools. Because of this experience I love to repair and fix things and that is how I got into repairing and tuning pianos. I fell in love with a small edition of the Book of Mormon that had illustrations in it. I love the story of the Brother of Jared so much that I named my first son Jared. While I was pregnant with Jared I oil painted my own version of the Brother of Jared based on the oil painting done by Arnold Friberg. Since then I have painted many religious paintings. Many of my paintings I did on commission so I could buy more supplies. I love to paint sunsets, oceans, sailboats, animals and landscapes too, but I feel my spirit grow when I paint gospel themes. I am grateful for family and how it has enriched my life to where I am free to paint and repair. Both of my parents were members of the church and their parents were also. My mothers mothers mother crossed the plains as a child. When I was a teenager I was able to meet Annie before she passed away. I think of her many times of what change she saw in her life time. She entered Utah valley as a pioneer child and witnessed the completion of the Salt Lake Temple and went from covered wagons to airplanes in her life time.

Why I am a Mormon

Spiritual matters are found deep in the heart. The gift of knowing and understanding who God the Father is and His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost have been made known to me as I have searched the scriptures. What an amazing gift of grace and love our Father in Heaven has for all of us, His children. We can not erase our own sins or raise ourselves from the dead. It is through the love of God the Father, who sent His Son to earth. It is through Christ that this perfect sacrifice was offered and that our sins are washed away. Often I have prayed for guidance to have the Holy Ghost bear witness of truth as I teach. All members of the Godhead work together to bring us back into their presence. They are united together in purpose and direction and in love for each one of us. I feel nothing but love and appreciation for them and felt the witness from the Holy Ghost on many truths that are taught in the Bible and Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I am currently teaching High School Freshman in a early morning, 6:20am Scripture class. I am a volunteer who was called to teach by my church leaders. I love to study the gospel and have learned so much about my Savior this past two years of teaching. I am so grateful that the Lord has organized this Church to operate all of our service without pay. It allows me to grow through sacrifice. If I were paid I would be robbed of the blessing that comes from service. Being called to serve over the years in various positions has enriched my life. I direct music in our meetings and play the organ when asked. I remember playing for a funeral for the first time for a person not of our faith and was offered some money for my service. I was actually surprised and did not want it. Service is one of our ways to show love. The more I serve the more love is expressed. Not only to those I serve, but to my Heavenly Father.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

C. McBeth
I think the first thing to do is define grace. Grace is when someone does something for us that we cannot do for ourselves. It is through power of our creator that grace is offered. This could not be done by anyone else. He was the only one who has a Mortal Mother and and Immortal Father. That is why he was able to conquer death and has the power to resurrect us. He is literally our Savior. He saves us from our sins and from our death. It is through His grace and power we are saved. Show more Show less