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Hi I'm Rebecca Abery

I'm English, I'm a Wife and mother and part-time special needs teaching assistant and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy spending time with my husband, son and other extended-family members. I work part-time in a primary school, supporting children with learning difficulities. I love being outside ; whether in my garden, trying to grow my own veg, playing with our son at the park or taking walks in nature. I also love to be creative, through drawing, crafts and card making. I went to university to study Graphic Design and then served a mission for the church before I got married.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church has always been apart of my life. My parents joined independently when they were in their teens, and so the church was the religion I was born into. There comes a point in everyones life though, when you have to think and feel for yourself, and make a personal decision about what you believe. Through experiences when I was very young, I have always know, deep down, that Jesus Christ is real and that His love was something very tangible. But I took the time and energy to ask God if this church was true when I was about 14. I had been studying the life of Joseph Smith in an early morning class, and wanted to know if He was truly a Prpohet (spokeman) of God. I knew that if He was then everything else that I had been taught was true. During one lesson we were talking about the end of his life, I felt this feeling come over me of sheer gratitiude and awe. As a 14 year old, it amazed me that someone would be willing to go through so much, including death, in order to stay true to an experience. Never once did Joseph deny his experience, never once did he deny his belief in God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. This struck me so hard during this lesson, I decided to go home and pray about it. The feeling I experienced was that of peace and warmth within. I knew at that point that the Church of Jesus Christ was true, that Joseph was indeed a prophet and that the things that I had been taught since a child were right. I love all that the gospel teaches, I have come to love my Saviour Jesus Christ, and I know that He loves me, beacuse I feel it. I know that He lives. I know that our Father in Heaven lives and loves each one of His children. This knowledge brings me so much joy, hope and peace, of which I am truly grateful for.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith through the ways in which I treat those around me, whether they are my family, friends, neighbours, collegues or somebody I've only just met. I believe that we are all children of a Heavenly Father, who loves us and is mindful of our every need. I live my faith in Jesus Christ by trying to be a little more like Him. I think that as I try to do what the Saviour would, by serving those around me a little better and trying to be a friend to those in need, in some small way I am helping Heavenly Father meets the needs of his children. At the moment I am blessed to work with the Women of the church. I love to be with them and get to know them and thier families. I love to work along side them, as we strive to help others around us. I love to see their faith grow as well as my own. I have loved being will all ages of church membership; from the little children, to the young people (My husband and I loved teaching an early morning study class to youth aged 14-18, called Seminary. This is a programe of the church which gives opportunity for young people to get together daily (usually early morning i.e 6:30am) and learn together more about Jesus Christ and His gospel from the scriptures. It's a chance for the youth to share their thoughts and feelings with their peers), right up to the 90 year old women who teach me about being a better mother and homemaker.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Rebecca Abery
Yes we do. I think of it this way: God is our Father in Heaven, we are all His children, and He loves us more than any parent. He wants to talk to us, just as any good parent would want to talk to their child. And so has provided a way to communicate to us, (HIs children), as a whole and that way is through prophets. I don't think that God loved His children at the time of Moses more than he loves His children now, so if He provided a prophet then to lead and guide, it would make sense that He would do the same for us today. I know that God has provided a prophet today, he is President Thomas S Monson. He leads and guides in the ways that God needs him to, just as Moses did with the children of Isreal. Show more Show less