L. Donnell: Mormon.

Hi I'm L. Donnell

About Me

I went to college to become a teacher, I taught 7th grade Reading, and then decided to be a full-time homemaker. I have three children and they are my life's work. I love being a wife and a mother. I am interested in service and humanitarian work. I have worked with local food banks and other charities and I love the feeling I have afterwards. My husband earned his Master's Degree about ten years ago and now it's my turn. I hope to begin work on my Master's Degree within the next year. I really want to teach Humanities at the college level. I love learning new things. My interests include, reading, writing, hiking, and nature. I LOVE to travel and hope to see Europe someday.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents joined the church before I was born. I was raised in the church, however, I consider myself a convert. I believe that each member of the church is a convert. At some point our hearts are turned towards the Savior. I was fourteen when I truly prayed and asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I felt an answer to my prayer. However, later in my life I was not doing all that I should have been, and I felt that I had turned away from Christ. I discovered that I was not happy and felt a lack of direction and purpose in my life. I turned back to Him and found that even though I had turned away, he was still looking in my direction. He was there waiting for me to return. I was converted in that moment of realization, and promised to serve Him the rest of my life. Over the years, my testimony has grown. As I have studied the scriptures, attended church and prayed, my understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ has dramatically increased. I am convinced that our testimonies grow proportionally to the effort we make to learn. I love the Savior, I know that he lives. In the church I find all of the things that I need to do to follow the Savior's example. I find the authority of the Priesthood, and I find the peace of knowing my purpose in this life.

Personal Stories

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I know that I have discovered and developed talents by serving in the church. It is pure joy to use a gift that the Lord gave me to help build His kingdom. There can be no greater use of talents and gifts than to offer them in the service of the one who gave them. When we are teaching or singing or speaking using a talent the Lord gave us, I think our influence for good on those around us is immeasurable.

How I live my faith

I love serving in the church. I accept callings that come to me. I have taught little children, teenagers, and worked in the library, currently I work as the leader of the women's organization of the church in my area. I truly want to learn from each experience that I have in life, and I have learned so much about myself through fulfilling callings. I live my faith by living a righteous life. I love the Lord and am so grateful to know that he loves me. Because of that relationship, I want to keep the commandments to show my love for Him. I tell my children that the commandments are "protections", by keeping the commandments, I can be protected from negative consequences that inevitably follow poor decisions. Sometimes, I make mistakes and I am so grateful to know that I can repent and ask the Lord to forgive me. Everyday is a new day to show the Lord I love Him by living a good life.