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Hi I'm Scott

I'm a Mormon, and I follow Jesus the Christ.

About Me

I was raised in California and South America, so I am fortunate to have a close bond to those of Latin descent and I still speak Spanish almost daily. My education as to the wonders of this earth has left me with a desire to carefully husband all resources. I remember writing a school paper in 7th or 8th grade on solar energy, and I have been fortunate to have capitalized on this technology in our home. I have spent most of my life in retail management, where I have achieved some significant successes. I now work for a non-profit organization where my experience in retail is matched with the opportunity to assist others in their career aspirations. My father taught me to work with my hands, while my older brother rebuilt cars in our garage and I learned on my bicycles. We have been able to achieve a 25% increase in gas mileage with one of our vehicles due to these skills. Books have been my friend since my earliest days, and I buy more than I read. I love to learn the various ideas presented and history is one of my loves. One conclusion I have come to is that there are no "extraordinary" people; just ordinary people who do extraordinary things. I have been inspired by stories of Nien Cheng, Natan Sharansky, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Golda Meier, Greg Mortenson, John Adams and so many others. I have always wanted to have a license plate that said: FAMLYMN. This is an aspiration of mine, to be a family man. My wife is such a stellar example of womanhood and motherhood that she inspires me to be better. I show one of our six children in this picture as it captures those desires: a loving, kind, caring, teaching father with a happy child. Without a doubt, the sublimest joys have come within the experiences framed by my family; first as a son and a brother, then as a husband and finally as a father and grandfather. One of the wonderful surprises of my life has been the peer relationships that have formed with my adult children. It is exciting to see how they mold their lives and those of their children.

Why I am a Mormon

On a basic level, I find it to be the balance between self-denial and self-fulfillment. My degree in the sciences has attuned my mind to facts, and the seeking of them. My upbringing and my experience with nature teaches me of the unknown wonders and it is an easy concept that the mysteries of God are not unknowable, but simply unknown. To me it is intellectually rigorous, with large areas of exploration occurring and still to occur. The more I learn the more consistency I see. It embodies the balance between asceticism and epicurianism. I enjoy that some questions remain unanswered. On a more profound level, I cannot explain how reading the Book of Mormon and other scriptures assures me of the existence of our loving Father in Heaven any more than I can explain how salt tastes, or that wind is real though I can't see it. I cannot explain my amazement at the love Jesus offers me, despite my imperfections, and yet He does. My simple faith leads me down His path, with my mind right along side. To have a prophet, who warns of traps and pitfalls of many kinds, and to have followed those prophets are twin blessings. Over the years I have seen where my mistakes and errors have brought sorrow. When my life has been in harmony with the counsel of the prophets, I have found great joy.

How I live my faith

Currently I am working as a "Ward Employment Specialist", where I teach others skills to obtain and upgrade their employment. In addition, my son and I are companions, Home Teachers, and have the privilege of watching after several families to assist them where possible. Most importantly, I am a husband and a father.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Among other places, this principle is laid out in the Old Testament. Moses paid his tithes to Melchizedek. Malachi speaks of bringing tithes and offerings into the storehouse. While obedience is a factor, gratitude also plays a part. Father has given us so much, and only asks that we return a tenth. It is an outward sign (though done privately) to Him that we are willing to submit to His will. It is interesting to me to examine my feelings over the years regarding this practice. While I feel that we have been financially blessed, my feeling that this brings spiritual protection has become greater. My simple analogy is that I purchased many hamburgers while I was in High School, but there has been no long term benefit. Similarly, I have forgotten so many things that I have purchased over the years but my family and I know one thing: we have not forgotten the Lord and we have accounted each year that He is the one we follow, by sacrificing as He asked. Great peace of mind is ours as we obey this principle. Show more Show less