What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Ben

I am a medical student, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in Utah. I am the oldest of 6 children. I graduated with a BS in Physiology and Developmental Biology and a Business Management minor. I was recently married to the most beautiful woman in the world. I am currently attending medical school in Virginia. In my free time, which is very limited, I like to do things like going to the gym, playing sports, watching movies, listening to music, and the occasional video game. I also like to do woodworking, I just completed building my first chest of drawers. I like to build my own computers and enjoy learning new things. I guess i would classify myself as a jack of all trades.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but i believe each person has a defining moment in their life where they personally come to know the Savior and find his truth. That moment for me came when I was 18 years old and a freshman in college. It was the first time I was away from home and on my own. I have always been the type of person when someone tells me to do something I tend to push away from it. My parents had always encouraged me to go to church and participate, naturally I pushed back but to keep them happy and avoid contention I followed along. Now that I was on my own it was my decision to go to church, read my scriptures, and pray frequently. When I decided to do those things like attend church, read the scriptures, and pray on my own I found that something changed inside of me. The gospel of Jesus Christ became a part of who I am. I found a peace in both my mind and heart that I had never felt before. I have since come to understand that the peace I felt and continue to feel is the Holy Spirit confirming to me personally that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the fullness of the truth taught by Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

To me living my faith is living my life with integrity. It is doing good not only when people are watching but when I am all alone. I try and pray for those I meet, smile at strangers, listen and learn from those around me. I try to give service often and help those in need whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically, or financially. Most importantly I strive to keep my live in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and to follow his example. I often find myself thinking, "Is this what Christ would do? What should I do to involve the Lord in my life?" I find that the answers to these questions come to me as I ponder what I read in the scriptures and counsel with the Lord through prayer.

In whom should we have faith?

In a world full of confusion and deception it is very important to have one's foundation and faith in the correct person. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith. The scriptures teach that "faith is things which are hoped for and not seen." (Ether 12:6) I have never seen Jesus Christ but I have faith in him. I believe that when I put my trust in him I can overcome anything, which gives me hope. The scriptures also teach that each of us have weakness which when we humble ourselves and put or faith in Christ can eventually become our strengths (Ether 12:27). I have many weaknesses,but I have found that when I humble myself and center my faith in Jesus Christ those weaknesses are lifted and I become stronger. Ultimately I believe that by placing my faith in Jesus Christ will lead to salvation and eternal life for me and the rest of the world. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

We perform baptisms for the dead because we believe that baptism by proper priesthood authority is essential to live with God for eternity. Jesus Christ showed the important of baptism when He was baptized by John the Baptist. He also taught the importance of baptism while he visited the people of the Book of Mormon following his death and resurrection. The scriptures teach that proper priesthood authority is needed when preforming any ordinance such as baptism. Many people will not have the opportunity to be baptized by proper priesthood authority during their life here on earth. We are all God's children and He wants each one of us to live with him for eternity so in order for everyone to have the chance to live with him Mormons baptize for the dead. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

In order to keep the church organized and keep the members of the church nourished with the word of God, the Lord has established a system to organize the members. Just like how countries are broken down into states which are further divided into counties and cities geographically the church is divided into geographical segments. Stakes are large geographical areas and consist of multiple wards and branches. Wards are smaller than stakes and meet together on a weekly basis for worship services. Wards are approximately 100-500 people large. Branches are typically smaller than wards and are found in areas where the church is fairly new or small, they also meet on a weekly basis for worship services. Stakes, Wards, and Branches are all directed by local leadership. Members of the church are called on a volunteer basis to help organize and preside over their specific geographical area. Leaders of Wards and Branches coordinate and work with their Stake leaders as well as other local Wards and Branches to provide the spiritual nourishment needed for their geographical location. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Many people have the misconception that the Book of Mormon was written by Joseph Smith, which is not correct. Like the bible, the Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets who were inspired by God. The prophets who wrote the Book of Mormon lived on the American continent. The last prophet who wrote in the Book of Mormon buried the record and approximately 1400 years later Joseph Smith was shown by a heavenly messenger where the record was buried. Joseph then through the power of God was able to translate the ancient record into English. Show more Show less

Who are the Mormons?

Mormon is a nickname for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The name Mormon is the name of a prophet and originates in the Book of Mormon. Show more Show less