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Hi I'm Dan Woolley

I was born and raised in Minnesota and have been a Mormon my entire life.

About Me

I am a college student preparing to become a doctor. I enjoy music, playing the piano and singing. I also like tennis and computer science. I have worked all sorts of odd jobs from a Radio DJ to working in a pharmacy.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, but had many experiences which influenced my eventual decision to continue with the church. A big thing for me is the example of the people that I interact with. I have never seen an organization with such wonderful people who love and share and help others. I truly see Christ's love demonstrated in this church. As I study the doctrine and teachings of the scriptures, the Holy Ghost confirms to me that I am in the correct place, that I am fulfilling God's plan, and that I can truly help people find happiness that is eternal.

How I live my faith

I love to be involved with the church, currently I play the organ for the church meetings. I also work with the youth and their weekly activities. I try to go and help share my faith, by assisting the missionaries with their visits.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Dan Woolley
The Mormon missionaries exist to help people understand the Mormon faith and develop and apply the teachings that Jesus Christ taught us. They will explain certain concepts with the scriptures, such as Faith or Repentance, and will show the way that you can have more happiness in your life. It is all personal to you and your family, and they will leave with you with something to read and ponder, and with the assignment to pray. If we open our hearts and listen with true intent, we will surely feel that what they are teaching is correct and true. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Dan Woolley
All men have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We, as descendants of Adam and Eve, have inherited a fallen state. A state in which we are susceptible to sin and transgression. We are natural beings who desire things that are not good for us. We have temptations, and many times fall into those temptations. God prepared a Savior, even Jesus Christ, from before the formation of this world. He was perfect, without sin. He was the only one capable of being the Savior of the world, or the one who saves us. He agreed to take upon himself our sins, every last one of them, if we agreed to repent and follow him. His sacrifice is a demonstration of the love that God has for us, and he invites us to follow him. We need a Savior to enter into God's presence. No unclean thing can be where he is. We are here to learn and through this process, be purified through the sacrifice of our Savior. We need the Savior, we need to understand what he did for us, and follow him. This is the pathway to salvation and eternal happiness. Without him, we would have no hope. There would be no purpose to life, and no reason to be here. Jesus Christ is the central focus of all we do for a reason, for if we follow him, we shall live. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Dan Woolley
Baptism is an essential ordinance or sacred act that we all must perform while on this earth, a doctrine taught by Christ himself. There are many people who are unable to receive baptism in this life, and there are many who receive it by those who do not hold the proper authority of God. These people need to receive the blessings that only a true baptism offers, which is why we offer this service to all those who have passed on. In LDS Temples, we perform baptisms for the dead. We extend the blessings of baptism to all those who have not yet received it. We can see that the early members of the Christian Church performed these baptisms 1 Corinthians 15:29, and in these days, the prophet Joseph Smith was inspired to reinstate this practice. The Lord has blessings for all of us, they are dependent on our ability to follow him and perform the ordinances that he has set forth. The people who weren't able to do so shall not be damned for ignorance, for they will have the same opportunities as the rest of us. They still exist, in a spirit world, learning about the gospel and waiting for the chance to put it into practice and progress, but are waiting for their baptism. Show more Show less