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Hi I'm Matt

Husband, father, brother, son and of course a child of God.

About Me

I love to learn and try new ideas in technology. I am what some may consider a computer geek. I find that life has so much to offer especially when you are adhering to eternal principles guiding you through the rough patches. My family means the world to me and I love seeing my kids grow into their own personalities and interests. Though I love technology and software development for web applications I also find myself enjoying internal audit and fraud investigation techniques. To keep me busy on the side from my full time work I design and build websites for various clients. In-between it all I try my hand at a few DIY projects around the house. 

Why I am a Mormon

First I am a Mormon because my parents are. But, this reason changed once I turned 19 years old and had to make a decision on whether to go on a 2 year proselyting mission for the church or not. There of course was family pressure just for the fact "it was the thing do to for young men my age in the church", but as I reflected on my own testimony of the gospel and what it all meant to me as an individual outside the family I realized I also did know the church to be true. I didn't know for a surety yet, but I knew from my young experiences it was the best life choice for me aside from the other options in not only religious belief but also moral standards and living. So I embarked on my mission for two years and it was not an easy two years for me, but it was indeed a life lesson that could not be taught anywhere else and I will cherish those lessons, experiences and relationships for the rest of eternity. It is after my mission and through continuing life experiences did I gain my own knowledge of the truthfulness of the Lord's gospel and His church. I am now able to stand strong through any peer pressure, worldly obstacle and temptations and shout with confidence "I am a Mormon" because I know this is where the gospel is taught and continuing revelation is received through the Savior's servants where the authority to act in His name is given in efforts to help us all help each other through this mortal existence, this mortal trial which we all have taken upon ourselves so we can return to our Father in Heaven once again in all His glory and righteousness. To stand side by side with the Christ as he lifts us up out of our sins through repentance and faith is why I am a Mormon!

How I live my faith

I try to be sure I attend my regular church meetings each week. This is not just for the social interaction with other members but to remind me of my promises which I have made to my Heavenly Father in which He has promised His spirit to be with me as I am obedient. I think the responsibility to live up to one's faith resides solely on the individual not the "villiage" per say, though the support and relationships of others help obtain the mission of the LDS Church. I currently serve as the Young Men's 1st Counselor which means I help provide advisement to the boys in our congregation in accomplishing their goals towards obedient to God's commandments, prepare and remain worth of the Priesthood authority of God and development through scouting and social activities. It is quite amazing the strength of these young boys. Part of living my faith includes constant involvement with the scriptures and prayer in order to stay in tune to what the Lord requires of me and so I can be worth of the presence of the Holy Ghost in my daily life. All of which enables me to better serve my family, to teach my children and support my wife in her responsibilities.