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Hi I'm Brandon

I´m a student, a contact center assistant manager, and I´m a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated from college a few years ago and have been working as a contact center assistant manager. I have just been accepted to business school and will begin my MBA studies this Fall. My wife and I recently found out that we are expecting another child so we had to trade in my compact car for a mini van. I would prefer an SUV, but my wife won the argument like always. I am a sports fanatic and rarely miss the "big game". Football, basketball, and baseball are my favorite sports to watch, but I also enjoy watching golf, soccer, and tennis. I tend to favor collegiate sports over professional, but I find myself watching as many pro sports as college, so maybe my collegiate preference isn't as strong as I might think. Since I have become a father, I find that I don't enjoy watching or reading the "News" as much. The horrible things reported make me worry about the world my children are growing up in. Can I keep them safe?

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in a mormon household made it easy for me to adopt my parents’ religion. However, as I entered my teenage years I became more skeptical. There are several religions out there. Wonderful people can be found in all faiths. Why should I be mormon? People seem to find happiness in all religions and isn’t that the purpose to this life: to be happy? These were some the thoughts I considered. I knew it was time for me to find my own faith. I could no longer piggy back off my parents’ faith. I had friends who belonged to other religions so I started asking them questions. What do you believe about Jesus? What do you believe is the purpose to life? What happens after I die? Why do you believe the things you do? What scriptures do you use? How have your scriptures helped you? What is it like to be a member of your religion? These were just some of the several questions that occupied my mind. Meanwhile, I continued to attend church with my parents and I continued to study from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I remember reading about the life of Joseph Smith and thinking that he had it easy. He prayed to God and received an immediate response. God and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him what to do. When I prayed about which church to join, I didn’t seem to get any answer. However, I knew that I needed to continue to pray about it. After about a month of fervent prayer on the subject, I received the answer I was looking for. While reading the Book of Mormon, I let my mind wonder a bit and I began to think about the Book of Mormon. I told myself that the doctrine in the book was sound. The book taught what I believed to be correct teachings of Jesus Christ. Is that enough to believe it is true? Could I base my testimony of the book on the mere fact that I hadn’t found fault with the book to that point? That didn’t seem like enough to me, but then a more prominent thought entered my mind. It told me, “you know the book is true. You have always known it is true. Why do you continue to fight against it? Have faith and believe.” As these words were instructing my conscious thoughts I felt a very strange, very different feeling come over my body. I can’t describe it well, but it felt like this feeling was reassuring me that the thoughts entering my mind were true. That they came from God and I should obey. That experience helped me start to gain my own testimony. I believed that I needed to be mormon. That is where I belonged. That is where God wanted me to be. As I grew older, I still had doubts about the faith. There were doctrines I didn’t understand. There were times that I felt like being a mormon was too time consuming and that it would be easier to join another faith. But I have never left the mormon faith. I can’t fight against the feeling and the thoughts I had when I was younger. I know that I need to “have faith and believe”.

How I live my faith

Since birth my parents have taught me about Jesus Christ. As I have studied His life I have always been amazed by His ability to love others and look for the good in everyone despite past sins. Christ’s example motivates me to try and do the same. I always try to look for the good in others. I go out of my way to avoid offending others sometimes at the expense of allowing others to take advantage of me. Oft times I try to put myself in others’ shoes to see a problem from their perspective. I am by no means perfect and I fail to do this at times, but when I do I am able to better resolve conflicts. However, there are drawbacks. In my effort to avoid offense, I find that I sometimes fail to be more direct with others when giving advice. This can sometimes confuse others or come across as poor advice. I need to learn to be more bold in situations where boldness is helpful. Jesus himself was quite bold at times. I still have a long way to go in my pursuit to follow His example.