Joe : Mormon.

Hi I'm Joe 

About Me

Well, it will have been ten years come this November that I left for my mission in Brazil. Upon my return I met my wife at BYU-Idaho, we got married in the Oakland Temple, and have three lovely children. I work for an aerospace company designing rocket components and missile defense systems. I really like sports, but lately work has taken up too much of my time to do anything active.

Why I am a Mormon

Although it is easier to say than, "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", I don't like the use "Mormon" to descrbe my faith or which denomination I belong to. Why am I a member? Well, I'll tell you why I'm NOT a member. I am not a member because of it's people, because we profess to have the complete gospel, because of the standards we are to live by, or because the church and it's members seem prosperous. I live the gospel with every fiber of my body, because we have a living prophet today. He loves us, and receives revelation for all of us to follow. I am a member because Christ lives! I am a member because through my obedience to the gospel, I will be with my family for all time and all eternity. Nothing will ever take that away save as a result of my own transgretion/rebellion. I continue to be a member because the Holy Spirit has testified of this work that it is true.

Personal Stories

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

Therer are three missions in the church that the membership constantly strive to achive. The three are: Proclaim the gospell, perfect the saints, and redeme the dead. Proclaim the Gospell The gospell of Jesus Christ is not only for a select fiew. Many places in the scriptures speak about the word of God spreading through the four corners of the earth, or comparing missionary work to that of harvesting wheat. That is to say, there is a work of spreading the knowledge of Christ in the world, and everyone needs to take part in it. Perfect the Saints: As a church, we believe that baptism is only the begining. Just like with eating healthy foods and excersize helps keep our bodies healthy, excersising our spirituality keeps our relationship with Heavenly Father healthy. We want to be like Him. Aside from daily scripture study and prayer, each member has the opportunity to serve one another in the church. This service can be in many forms from leadership to teaching assigned families. In a sense we feel that our duty is to help eachother be better with selfless acts of service. Redeming the Dead: We believe that everyone who has ever been born on the earth should have a chance to accept the salvation that comes from Christ. Some people think that people who haven't heard of Christ will automatically go to hell no matter if they were good people or bad. Through the work we do in the temple, people who have already passed away still have a chance to accept or decline salvation. In the church we try to teach these principles, prepare to attend the temple, and search out the names of our ancestors to do work for. In summary we want to tell everyone about Christ, constantly improve ourselves through serving others, and perform temple work for preople who have passed away without accepting the gospell of Jesus Christ.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

The Holy Ghost has helped and continues to help me everyday. There have been many times in my life when I feel like I'm drowning in the depths of despair and depression. Stresses of maintaining my family, job, and other responsibilities seem too much for me to bare. The Holy Ghost comes to me and conforts me in these times of need. I feel encouragement and a reassurance that everything is going to be alright. The Holy Ghost has also helped me deal with my family responsibilities. There have been times when an idea would 'pop' in my mind to clean up something, or even give a complement to my wife or child over something that seemed, to me, small.

How I live my faith

At church I am called to the activities comity and I am responsible to encourage attendance to the temple.