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Hi I'm Bart

I cook. I sing. I love to travel. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am married to a wonderful woman, with two great stepchildren. Music has been an important part of my life, enjoying the piano and singing - not that you have ever seem me on American Idol! I love to cook and share food with others. My career in business travel management has taken me to a few places in the world. I enjoy meeting people and gaining greater perspective by getting to know them and their culture.

Why I am a Mormon

The easiest answer would be that I was born a Mormon, but that wouldn't tell the whole story. Throughout my life I have experienced some great things that help me know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best and most rewarding way to live. As I have shared what I know with others, and answered their questions, that knowlege and confidence seems to always grow. I also appreciate my personal relationship that I have have with my Heavenly Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, with all the peace, joy, and love that it brings into my life.

How I live my faith

Most of what I have done at church is to teach others, namely groups of adults, youth, and children in different settings. For several years, I taught groups of high school students, in the early morning, before they started their regular school classes. My love for music has also given me the chance to sing in choirs, and in smaller groups, and to teach music to children. Most of all, I enjoy being a friend to those around me, supporting them in their hopes and trials.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

The greatest act of grace happened when God gave his Only Begotten Son, that we might beleive on Him and be saved. His grace touches every thing to do with salvation. By His grace, we exist on this earth. He sustains our life by giving us breath, and the ability to think, to move, and to act. By His grace, we have scriptures, inspiration, parents, teachers, and other resources to know what is good, and what is bad. He calls to us when we have done something wrong, inviting us to return to Him, and to learn from what we did. He holds off the moment of punishment, so that we have the opportunity to grow from our mistakes. His grace replaces in our hearts any desire to do evil, filling it with the desire to do good. His grace, line by line, changes who we are and what we do. His grace fills our lives with love, peace, and joy. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

When Jesus Christ felt he should be baptized, He sought out John the Baptist. John was the son of Zecharias, a priest in the temple, and decended from a long line of those who held the authority to enact ordinances on behalf of God here on the earth. Not too long afterwards, Jesus sought out, taught, and confered authority on men that He would have lead His church, teach His gospel, and to enact the ordinances of the Church. We should follow His example, and seek out those authorized ministers, to learn and be baptized by them. In so doing, God honors us, and honors those ordinances done by those that duly represent Him. Show more Show less

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

Ulitimately, it is God who chooses the Prophet of the Church. I feel He is aware of these men, even before they are born. They all seem to be men of great experiences that have taught them to be sensitvie to spiritual things. Eventually, they are called to be leaders in the Church, culminating with a call to be member of the group of Apostles. As the Prophet passes on, the senior surviving Apostle takes his place as President and Prophet of the Church, with the sustaining support of its membership. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith, from a very early age was concerned about spiritual things. He turned to the Bible for answers to important questions. While he did get many answers from the Bible, he became very unsettled about which of all the churches represented the Savior and His teachings. As a 14-year-old boy, Joseph knelt in prayer, seeking wisdom from His Father in Heaven. He was overwhelmed by the spectacular answer that came to him that day. Although the answer was not join any of the current churches, he didn't immediately start out to organize any kind of religion. After a few short years, the Lord had a sacred record delivered to him at the hand of an angel named Moroni. I can't imagine the magnitude of the task he would have in translating it and publishing it to the world. I am so grateful that God did not leave him on his own. God blessed him with the gifts and various means he would need. Joseph grew in his spiritual knowledge and power as he translated. That sacred history is known today as "The Book of Mormon." Joseph had some very special experiences that restored God's priesthood power to earth, and the restored the knowledge of the True and Living God. By those experiences, he was ready and able to organize the Church of Jesus Christ again to the earth. He stands in history as a prophet of God. Show more Show less