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Hi I'm Teresa

About Me

I am a wife and have been happily married for 33 years. My husband and I have four beautiful daughters. Three are married and have children. Our youngest daughter will be a college senior this fall. Our seven grandchildren have brought us so much joy. We both love being grandparents and watching our daughters be wonderful mothers. When I was younger I loved art classes in school. I loved to draw and paint. Once I discovered the computer many years ago, I found new ways to express myself artistically. I love photography and enjoy getting out in nature with my husband to take landscape photos. We love to get up very early in the morning, drive to a beautiful location, and watch the sun come up. Everyone thinks we are crazy for getting up at 3 or 4 a.m. to drive a couple of hours to a scenic place, but these adventures have helped us grow closer together. It's been a great way to adjust to being empty nesters.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a Mormon. But, I am still a member of the church because I gained my own testimony of the gospel. When I was young I had a great desire to have a testimony. I always loved hearing the prophet speak and had a burning feeling in my heart that what he said was from God. Everything in my childhood was not perfect and happy. Both of my grandfathers were alcoholics. I saw what a devastating effect that illness had on their families. Both of my parents came from broken homes. There were times when my mother had to put all the kids in the car and we would drive around to the bars to see if we could find my grandpa. I remember watching him be in bed for days on end while he was on a drinking binge. My mother would always point out to me how living the gospel would protect me from having a ruined life like my grandpa did. I believed her and did my best to be good. The benefits of living a clean life were very evident to me. When troubles and trials have come to me, I have always known that I could turn to God for help. Three years ago, our daughter was pregnant with twins. She developed toxemia and the twins had to be delivered very prematurely. It was a scary time for all of us. In the NICU, there was a beautiful painting of Jesus holding a tiny baby. Every time I saw that painting I was filled with a peaceful, warm feeling. I knew that Jesus understood my anxiety over the welfare of those little babies. I knew he was watching over them. We pulled together as an extended family with prayers and fasting for those little boys. What peace and strength it gave to me, personally to feel that love from God and family. The members of my ward were there for me as well and offered support, love, and help. I love the Book of Mormon. I have no doubt in my mind that it is true. My testimony in it is another reason why I am a Mormon. I can see so many parallels between the people in the Book of Mormon and the people of our day. It's comforting to be able to read in the scriptures how other people made it through troubling times. I love my heritage as a member of the church. Many of my ancestors were not Mormons, but I do have some who were Mormon pioneers. One of my ancestors was a member of the Willie Handcart Company who became stranded in the snow in Wyoming. The faith of these ancestors has been a great inspiration to me. The greatest thing about being a Mormon, to me, is knowing that my family can be with me forever. I love all of them so much and can't imagine ever being without them. Because of the ordinances we perform in the temple, I know that I am promised that if I am faithful, and if they are faithful, we will all be together for eternity. What greater blessing is there!! That knowledge makes our life here on earth so much more meaningful. Family is at the center of everything we do. My extended family all live close. They are all active in the church. What a great time we have together supporting each other in all the things we do.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving in my church. I am old enough that I have had many callings during my life. I have been involved with teaching children, teens, and adults. I have had many opportunities for leadership. Recently I was the president of our women's group. It was my job to make sure that the needs of the members and non-members were being met. I visited those who were ill, lonely, or new to the area. It brought me great joy to serve others. At the time, I had some personal health challenges myself and it was often a struggle to get out and do what needed to be done. But I always felt happy and fulfilled when I forgot about my own problems and tried to concentrate on the needs of someone else. God always gave me a happy heart as I left my home to do his work. Every Sunday morning I met with other leaders and we coordinated ways that everyone could help. I have always felt that women hold a very high place in the church and have never felt inferior to the men in any way. Every man I have worked with in the church has had a high regard for my opinions. Now, I am working in a very different way. I teach the four year old class on Sunday. How I love working with these little children. They are so smart and remember so much of what we talk about during our Sunday lessons. I also love being a Visiting Teacher. I get to visit a woman my same age each month. We have had fun becoming friends. I also visit three woman who are severely mentally handicapped. I try to stay close to God through, prayer and scripture study. Being a member is not just a Sunday activity. It's a way of life.....a very good and fulfilling way of life.

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

I attribute the growth of the Church to the fact that it is true. I think that everyone wants to know why they are here on this earth and what awaits them after this life. The church has the true answers to these most basic questions. Most people love their families very much and are so happy to find out that there is a way to be married that doesn't end with death. I also think that it is so comforting to know that there is a prophet on the earth that can give us guidance from God and we don't have to rely on all those voices we hear in the media to tell us what we should do. Show more Show less