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Hi I'm Stephany Ann

About Me

Hi! my name Stephany and ive been a memeber of the LDS church for 3 years now. im 20 years old and about to be a wife to a wonderful return missionary. we are getting married in july of 2010 and im very excited about that. hopefully down the road soon, i will become a mother to a few amazing children that my Heavenly Father will bless me with. within a few years, after my fiancee graduates from college, i would like to go back to school and finish my education as well. but until then, im optimistic about my future life ahead and pray for the best!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon becasue i know that this Church is true. growing up i never had any form of religion in the house. my dad switched churches all the time and my mom was a non believer of any form of christianity. eventually i got old enough where i decided to go out on my own and decide what was right for me. by the begining of my junior year i met a girl who was extremely nice. she neevr had anything bad to say, she was optimisitc, and kind to everyone. i finally got the courage to ask her one day after band camp why she was so nice. she then told me about the Church, but i didnt want to hear that at that time, i just wasnt interested. a year later i took the challenge to go to the Church and as soon as i stepped in the doors i could feel the Spirit all around me and i immediately knew that it was right. being only 17 at that time, it was required that i had to have a parental consent to get baptized. i remember arguing with my dad telling him that my "salvation" cant wait another minute! i was very eager and excited to have discovered the true Church and my new found relationship to my older brother Jesus Christ. along the way i gained the testimony that our Heavenly Father loves each of us and is not seeking to be vengeful or punish us every possible second of our lives. He is here and He is present, im grateful to have the Holy Ghost to help me find out what is true and what is false. and the Spirit has told me that this right here is true and will never be taken away from the Earth anymore.

How I live my faith

As soon as i got baptized i was called to serve as the Laurels class secretary. i was quite shocked becasue i JUST became a memeber! however when my bishop explained to me that this was a calling from God and not man, i immediately took up the calling and served it faithfully. outside the Church i seek to do Christ like things, whether it be helping a starnger or a family memeber. actions always speak louder than words. my fiancee and i have this thing going where we will always read the scriptures together at night adn go to the temple at least once a week. it really helps and brings us closer.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Stephany Ann
I love this question becasue EVERYONE always asks me this at work. mormon women are just like every other women you can think of on this earth. we are nurturers, wife, sister, cousin, mom, grandma, we are God's creation. Both men and women were created equal as stated in Genesis. Women were created to be a "helpmeet" to the man. "HELP" = assisting and "MEET" = equal. we are equal partners in our Heavenly Father's eyes. one can not function completely without the other becasue both men and women do bring something special to the table that the other cant. this is God's plan and he is equal and loves us all. none is above another. Show more Show less