What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Benjamin

I'm a Mormon, and a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

About Me

The Lord has blessed me with the greatest spouse I can imagine, my wonderful Wife. Together we share in the joys of raising our four children. The more we focus on the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our home, the better it feels to come home, and the love we have for each other continues to grow. There is no greater joy in life than having an awesome family. Temple & Missionary Work is a close second; but cannot fully compare. I have nearly finished earning the Bachelors of Science Degree in Behavioral Science Medical Anthropology which I have been working on. Currently I am also an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician. I plan to continue my education toward becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist. When I am finished I will have earned an AA, AS, and and two BS Degrees, as well as be a Certified Paramedic, and have my CRT and RRT Credentials. I enjoy volunteering on the 'Kid's Crew' at Primary Children's Medical Center; or other volunteer organizations in my community, such as The United Way or The Red Cross. I have founded Humanitarian Guyana, an organization that helps Guyanese to become more self-sufficient and have food storage for times of great need. I served a two year mission teaching the peoples of Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, and Guyana. Some of the bonds that were formed there are still strong today. The majority of the people who chose to be baptized, continue in their testimonies of the truthfulness of this work and are active in the Church today

Why I am a Mormon

I have studied over 300 religions, or religious break-offs. I have found good in all religions. However, no other religion has brought me closer to God, my Heavenly Father, than The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the Mormon Church). This is the only place in which the fullness of the revealed Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught. This is the only faith that I have had confirmed as true by the Godhead to me personally, through the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. The Priesthood Authority, the power to act in the name of God, has also been restored to the earth. I have been very sick, and weak, and have been ministered to by those in authority, and have been healed. Especially while serving my Mission in the West Indies, I saw others healed through the power of the Priesthood as my Companion and I gave them a Priesthood Blessing. I have seen performed, with the power of the Priesthood, nearly all of the miracles found in the New Testament. All Power is given unto Christ, and he extends that power to members of His Kingdom on this earth. The Book of Mormon is a wonderful Testament of Jesus Christ. As you continue to study the restored gospel, you will find that the Book of Mormon increases your understanding about Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon PROVES THAT THE BIBLE IS TRUE. I feel the Holy Spirit testify of the truthfulness of the scriptures as I read them. If you truly want to know more about God, then why not read and ponder about all of his words available to you --- Especially because he fulfills his promise that he will confirm the truthfulness of the works and words to you personally? Because I have tested the Book of Mormon... because I have feasted upon its words, I have tasted a fruit that is very delicious and desirable. And I have prayed to ask God if it is truth. I testify that I have had the truth of it confirmed to me, over and over again, and I know this directly from God, through the Holy Ghost -- and I cannot, nor will I deny it. I am a Mormon because I enjoy a stronger connection to God, and his purpose for my life, than those of other faiths who have less of a connection to Him. Daily I can feel his guidance and love. He opens my understanding, and enlightens my mind, and shows me what path I can travel. I know that I do not have to follow after the opinions of men, and their never ending confusions... I know I am personally directed by the Holy Ghost, protected by ministering angels, and strengthened by the Priesthood against the adversary to all righteousness. Restored is the knowledge of where we were before we were born, why we are here now, and where we go after our mortal death. Restored is the knowledge and authority to prepare for the next life, and to be more effective toward the cause of truth in this life. I know that I can be reunited and live with my family Eternally in the presence of Heavenly Father. And I welcome all to come and see that this is true for yourselves, so that you can be there with us. :0) I know, as surely as I know that I exist, that the fullness of the restored Gospel is found in this organization, and none others have all that we have. Come and see what else can be added upon your faith in Christ, gain more knowledge about him, and the plan that God has made for you. You will not be disappointed. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matt. 7: 7. I give this testimony to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I obey the Word of Wisdom, and have never taken illegal drugs or drank alcohol. I strive to be kind to my fellow men, and participate in service activities, as well as fulfill my church callings. I strive to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ at all times, and in all places I may be in. Usually I live my faith by trying to live as the Savior would, treating others as he may treat them. I look for opportunities to testify of what I know to be true (that which has been confirmed by the power of the Holy Ghost) as often as possible. Also, I am human and I make mistakes from time to time. Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how to access it is an intricate part of how I live my Faith. Repentance is an ongoing process throughout life. The more I strive to repent, the stronger person I become. Through overcoming challenges and weaknesses, my faith in my Savior Jesus Christ grows, and he helps me to become more like him. The Holy Ghost is a key part of the repentance process. Through the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I know when I need to repent, and I feel the Holy Ghost even stronger in my life once I have done so. Taking the Sacrament at Church on Sundays renews my covenants I made at baptism, and also helps seal my repentance process each week. I find a lot of solace and joy in studying the scriptures, paying tithing, and giving fast offerings that help others in more need than myself. Anytime I can give to other funds of the church, I love to do it !!!

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

The Missionaries are a great tool for this, they are able to come and answer questions, and teach you about Gospel topics. They should also be able to introduce you to a Member of the Church who can be your friend and help you when the missionaries cannot. You can go to http://www.mormon.org/mormonorg/eng/ask-a-question/have-missionaries-contact-me to schedule a contact. Also you can look up the local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in your area, and go there to meet people. Show more Show less

What is the difference between attending a Mormon Church and a Mormon Temple?

Attending church is mostly to Worship Jesus Christ, and to renew our Baptismal Covenants, by partaking of the Sacrament (ordinance). The rest of the 3 hours is used to strengthen the membership of the church by bearing testimonies and learning more about gospel topics in lessons. Other than Youth Activities, or Devotional Firesides, etc.... The Church Building is used for Sunday Worship Services. In the Temple, it is set apart for higher ordinances. At the Temple we can officiate on behalf of ancestors who have died, as well as living ordinances for ourselves. These higher ordinances give us increased protection from the adversary, and greater understanding of Gods will for us. We can attend the Temple usually Monday-Saturday, anytime we want. Temples are closed on Sundays. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A Branch is a group of church members that meet together on Sunday for worship services, and come together like a family, helping each other, and caring for each others needs. When the church is small in an area it is organized into 'Branches' that are organized under a 'District'. A District covers a geographical area. As the church grows in Membership, around 2,000 active members usually, then a District is upgraded to a "Stake" and 'Branches' are upgraded to "Wards". Each Ward will have usually up to around 400 members.... once a ward grows larger than that, it is usually split into 2 wards. Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity refers to the fact that physical intimacy between husband and wife is beautiful and sacred. Sexual Relations should only be between a lawfully married couple of Husband and Wife. Not only does this prevent things like disease and divorce, etc... but even better it creates a bond of trust and commitment to each other that is not as strong if one or more of the partners did not keep the law of Chastity. Show more Show less