Richard L.: Southern Alberta, Industrial, Catholic, Calgary, fullness, peace, Mormon.

Hi I'm Richard L.

About Me

I have lived in southern Alberta for twenty years! I grew up in central Alberta, as I mentioned, and we joined the church up there. I am married, and have four children. I am now forty-eight years old, and back in the day I served a mission for the church in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. My wife and I got married in the Idaho Falls Temple and have been married for twenty-five years. I have had four strokes and a T.I.A. I have served in the Scout's Canada organization for twenty four, or is it twenty five years? Who knows anymore! I glass etch and I always look forward to doing some great work there! I have worked in industrial parts since I started working as a young twenty-one year old! I am now forty-eight and work, now, in the housing supply industry, which really means, I have gone to part-time work, which is great because I was never supposed to work again! It is awesome, after all I have been through over the last eight years, to be able to still work a bit and despite the loss of things from the strokes, that I can function as well as I can! I thank the Lord for EVERY blessing I have received from Him and for the ability that I still have to make a difference!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? I joined the church when I was three months away from turning twelve. I was an Alter boy in the Catholic church, my mom and dad were on the "leagues" in the Roman Catholic church and we were doing alright. I joined the church because my mom and dad did. I participated in the discussions with the missionaries, only when the filmstrips were on. I would be the "turner" of the film strip! I grew up in the church and felt that the church was true as I continued on through the youth program. When I turned eighteen I was ordained an Elder and was thinking more about serving a mission for the church, which was something that I had kind of looked forward to since I joined the church. When I was nineteen I took the opportunity to serve the Lord and ended up being called to serve in the great Nevada Las Vegas Mission!! It was there that I gained a serious testimony of the truth within the first few months of my mission. This testimony has lasted and is stronger today than when I recieved it way back then. I know that the church is true! There is truth in every church, I do believe, but you can only find the FULLNESS of the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you don't believe it, test it. Get ahold of a Book of Mormon and start reading and praying about it and investigating it. You'll never know unless you do it. I did and I found out from the Lord and haven't looked back and that was when I was nineteen! Just DO IT!!!

Personal Stories

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes? Well, for one thing, respecting each other and not freaking out! When I have to deal with a hard situation, say with one of the children, I don't freak out. I try my hardest to keep calm and talk with them. Even when they don't respond, or respond in a very disrespectful way. I lost my cool once, really intensely, my son, the oldest of the two, young as he was, he was stiff in his bed crying and my girls were crying and I then found out from my oldest girl that what I was upset about they didn't do, none of them had. How did I feel then? I apologized profusely and from that day on, I have never yelled at the kids, oh I have been firm, but no hitting, as usual, and no abusing verbally, but have taken the time to respond with questions, which I didn't really do before, because of that and the help of Heavenly Father (because I needed His help, believe it or not) and my patient wife - especially with me - I have become the parent that I wanted to be, not that I am perfect, but I am a whole lot better and now that they are all eighteen and over, I hope that they will have learned a thing or two from me. Having family home evening is a big one. Attending church and teaching in the home are important things to deal with tough situations as well. Over-all, knowing what is right and wrong and having the courage to do what is right, no matter who is in front of you, or around you.

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

I work with my wife and my kids, never boring I assure you! We've held family home evenings which is one night of the week, which is scheduled on Monday, where nothing else really, and purposely, gets in the way of it. I read the scriptures every night, either on my computer, or by just sitting down and reading the "real" thing! We pray as a family, and most of us, individually as well. That makes it better when we do that. I can picture in my mind sitting down and talking with my Father in Heaven. By teaching this way, through example, and attending church and going through the weekly things, I know by looking at the way my children are, that that is really what has made a difference. Another thing about my children is that now that they are over the age of eighteen, a couple of them have said no and rejected what they have been taught and been through over the years, and my wife and I, and the others who are active in the church, stay strong and true. We serve as an example to them and that is totally important. We don't judge them, don't get mad at them or abandon them, we love our children, my wife and I, and though they don't accept what they once did, that is they're choice. We still love them and support them and they can come and go as they like. I believe that is what is important. Our love, our support (but not for the wrong things that they are doing), and compassion that is shown, my wife's and my testimony and commitment to the church and to what it stands for and the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him being the head of the church, we see a better way of doing things and the hope for our family is strengthened by each individual and by the way that we all live, despite our differences in opinion. We all have to find out for ourselves if this church is true, don't we? God loves us all, never mistake that. But He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Always the same, never changing in his mind or in his actions, and it is up to us.

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

Ah, the plan of happiness, in other words, I believe anyways, the Plan of Salvation, it gives me a good picture of what is to come and what has happened in those times before I was here and what is going to happen after this life. With a picture of what the Plan of Salvation actually is gives me a greater direction of where to go and how I should be acting! Acting until it becomes a habit, if you know what I mean! It gives me serious direction on what I should REALLY be focused on and how I should approach situations in my life and family. I guess knowing where you came from, before this life, and why you're here, and what is coming up next after this life, are the three greatest questions that are asked in this life when you get down to it and you know what? The answers are here and I know them to be true and this gives me direction in my life and what to do and where to go and even though I am not perfect, like Heavenly Father, yet, He is waiting for me and loving me and aiding me all the way, it is a total strength to me to know that and that I will be able to see him again. Hopefully I led a FULL life following His ways and His council, and that He will always be proud of me! That is what I truly hope and am thankful to Him for blessing me with this knowledge through diligently trying to improve and learn and grow and pray to him with the questions that I need help with and that is how I got the knowledge that I do for the plan of salvation.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? Well, I strive every day to be as good as I can. I try to lead with a good example, for my family. Knowing that the church is the true church of Jesus Christ, it gives me a different perspective than the general populous of people that I work with, or am around on a daily basis. As our children have grown, with the last one now eighteen and graduating this Friday, it is a different life for my wife and I. I am an example to my children and my wife is an excellent example to me! I live my faith by what I do most every day and that is reading my scriptures and bearing my testimony to my family and others, when appropriate and by my example. When I was in the midst of my third stroke, I believe it was anyway, I had lost the ability to stand and my head was on the counter, which was before the ambulance arrived, and I told my children that this was not the Lord's fault and that the church was still true and I knew that and told them to have faith and put their trust in the Lord. The oldest boy is back and the youngest one isn't, but my wife and I are strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will ALWAYS stand as an example of Jesus Christ and his teachings. My wife has M.S. and so we are in this together and are still active members of the church because we know that it is true! I am thankful for it and I am thankful that I know Christ died for me and by repenting and improving myself, I will be a better person and example, and I know, truly know, that the Lord will continually be pleased and will continue to bless me in whatever experience I have to take on!