What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Richard L.

I grew up in a town called Edson. I live in Calgary Alberta now, and have had four strokes and I'm a Mormon "still"!

About Me

I have lived in southern Alberta for twenty years! I grew up in central Alberta, as I mentioned, and we joined the church up there. I am married, and have four children. I am now forty-eight years old, and back in the day I served a mission for the church in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. My wife and I got married in the Idaho Falls Temple and have been married for twenty-five years. I have had four strokes and a T.I.A. I have served in the Scout's Canada organization for twenty four, or is it twenty five years? Who knows anymore! I glass etch and I always look forward to doing some great work there! I have worked in industrial parts since I started working as a young twenty-one year old! I am now forty-eight and work, now, in the housing supply industry, which really means, I have gone to part-time work, which is great because I was never supposed to work again! It is awesome, after all I have been through over the last eight years, to be able to still work a bit and despite the loss of things from the strokes, that I can function as well as I can! I thank the Lord for EVERY blessing I have received from Him and for the ability that I still have to make a difference!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? I joined the church when I was three months away from turning twelve. I was an Alter boy in the Catholic church, my mom and dad were on the "leagues" in the Roman Catholic church and we were doing alright. I joined the church because my mom and dad did. I participated in the discussions with the missionaries, only when the filmstrips were on. I would be the "turner" of the film strip! I grew up in the church and felt that the church was true as I continued on through the youth program. When I turned eighteen I was ordained an Elder and was thinking more about serving a mission for the church, which was something that I had kind of looked forward to since I joined the church. When I was nineteen I took the opportunity to serve the Lord and ended up being called to serve in the great Nevada Las Vegas Mission!! It was there that I gained a serious testimony of the truth within the first few months of my mission. This testimony has lasted and is stronger today than when I recieved it way back then. I know that the church is true! There is truth in every church, I do believe, but you can only find the FULLNESS of the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you don't believe it, test it. Get ahold of a Book of Mormon and start reading and praying about it and investigating it. You'll never know unless you do it. I did and I found out from the Lord and haven't looked back and that was when I was nineteen! Just DO IT!!!

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? Well, I strive every day to be as good as I can. I try to lead with a good example, for my family. Knowing that the church is the true church of Jesus Christ, it gives me a different perspective than the general populous of people that I work with, or am around on a daily basis. As our children have grown, with the last one now eighteen and graduating this Friday, it is a different life for my wife and I. I am an example to my children and my wife is an excellent example to me! I live my faith by what I do most every day and that is reading my scriptures and bearing my testimony to my family and others, when appropriate and by my example. When I was in the midst of my third stroke, I believe it was anyway, I had lost the ability to stand and my head was on the counter, which was before the ambulance arrived, and I told my children that this was not the Lord's fault and that the church was still true and I knew that and told them to have faith and put their trust in the Lord. The oldest boy is back and the youngest one isn't, but my wife and I are strong in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and will ALWAYS stand as an example of Jesus Christ and his teachings. My wife has M.S. and so we are in this together and are still active members of the church because we know that it is true! I am thankful for it and I am thankful that I know Christ died for me and by repenting and improving myself, I will be a better person and example, and I know, truly know, that the Lord will continually be pleased and will continue to bless me in whatever experience I have to take on!

What is the difference between attending a Mormon Church and a Mormon Temple?

Richard L.
Attending church is a weekly thing. It is to strengthen you, and your in a "community" of members striving to do their best. Serving and living. Yes, we have separate families, but belonging to a "ward", or congregation, is like a family all together. No one is perfect - and I am probably not the first one to tell you that - right? But being part of a ward helps you in staying stronger in the Gospel, not only in your personal life, but in your family life as well. You don't have to be perfect to be a member of this church, just keep living and trying your best every day! The temple gives serious direction. It is like you can sit back and focus on things in your life, and in your families lives and ponder more directly about them. As you do that, within the walls of the temple, you can receive inspiration from Heavenly Father. It can truly happen, because I have had that happen to me. I testify of that. It is true. I don't receive answers all the time, but sometimes I go there to find peace and get away from it all. When you walk into the temple, you can leave out all the things that happen out in the world and can "get away from it all". Attending the temple also gives you more strength to deal with things when you are done there. Trust me, I need the temple and the peace that it brings to my life. I would HIGHLY recommend you investigate the church, join and then learn about the temple, pray, have your couple of interviews and then go! You will be glad that you did! Show more Show less

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

Richard L.
When you pay tithing it goes to pay for the expenses of the church, amongst other things. I know that it also seems to be just giving an offering of money. But that is not the whole picture. Tithing is a "faith" based commandment. You pay ten percent of your income from your "gross" pay and the ninety percent is what you live on. My wife and I pay our tithing, faithfully, every payday. Ten percent and nothing less. I can promise you that your life will be better if you do that; I know that members of other churches pay tithing sometimes too! Test it if you are teetering on the subject and the Lord will, I PROMISE, make your dollar last longer and things will seem easier enough that as you continue to do that, pay your tithing, and you will then know it is true. It is amazing what you see, the blessings, whether you receive physical or spiritual based on what Heavenly Father knows, and he does know all, the blessings that you NEED, are seen by the Lord and He blesses you accordingly. It is always accompanied by faith and prayer, remember that because as you continually do what is necessary through service and personal worthiness that the Lord will be able to bless you accordingly. The one thing that I know I have done, with all of the commandments, is I have lived them, whatever they are, and as I do then I see the blessings that come from such. Tithing is one of them. I have a serious testimony of tithing and I bear my witness to you, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

Richard L.
The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead. There are three members, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. All are separate and distinct beings. I know that the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. I can say that I know because I have had that happen in my life. It is not just a belief any more. In fact, if your reading in the New Testament, it tells us in there what the Holy Ghost feels like and when he is testifying that what you are hearing is true. In Galatians 5: 22, that is where it tells a person what the Holy Ghost feels like. When you have experienced the suggestions of the Holy Ghost, and for me that has been a bunch, but somewhat of time in between each experience and based upon needing to know which direction I need to go, spiritually or in a physical scenario, I know that even though I go ahead and move without knowing what is going to happen, the Lord will, through the Holy Ghost, lead and guide me where I should go and what I should do in certain situations that exist in, and throughout, my life. I know that because I have experienced it and I know that it is true. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Richard L.
Totally. If you believe that Jesus Christ is your brother and that he died for you, all that is true. Are Mormons Christians? Yes. We believe, and know, that Jesus Christ lives, and that he died for us and made it possible for us to live with him and Heavenly Father again; but it takes more than just faith in Him, remember that. This church is the same church that Christ organized on the earth years ago and He has organized it again through the prophet Joseph Smith - just seriously pray about that and study it out in your own mind and pray until the Lord tells you it is true, He will, I know that because he has done it for me and for thousands of other people. Sometimes different experiences but yours will come and maybe it will come in a matter of time and little experiences you have will provide that situation, as it did in mine, because I didn't really KNOW that the church was true from when I was eleven through nineteen, really eight years of time but those were the ages. Did I know the church was true at the time I was baptized? No, but I did feel something different the day I was baptised and I KNOW that and can still remember that and that is what made the difference and then I went on and continued and then when I was nineteen, out on my mission for a couple of months I did what I should have done years before and I did what it took to gain a testimony of Christ, His church and priesthood authority. Are Mormons Christians? You bet and I know it is true. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Richard L.
I attribute a keen interest in people wanting to know about the church. Is it true? Is it not? How do you really know? As people go about trying to get answers to what really matters in this life, they will find the answers here. In this I would attribute the growth of the church. Show more Show less