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Hi I'm Mike

I started medical school in 2010. I organized a youth tutoring program. I play the bagpipes. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently I am a second year medical student. School is challenging but exciting. I have a wonder family, there are six of us. Growing up we always would visit this rugged, untamed part of northern Idaho called Island Park. I have done it all up there, from visiting Yellowstone, river rafting, and hiking to fishing, backpacking, and even golfing. I love the memories that I have made with my family there and other places we have visited. I especially love memories made at home with my siblings and parents. It's hasn't always been perfect, or even peachy. There have been moments when it would have been easy to just stop trying to get along, but looking back the effort to stay close and connected has proved to be one of the most valuable blessings in my life. For me the gospel of Jesus Christ that has been the key to my family's success. The difficulties we have experienced has brought us closer than I could have ever imagined because we centered our lives on Jesus Christ. I consider them to be my best friends. I like a good book when I have the chance. I have a secret obsession with ironing clothes. I love being outside. I play sports, cycle, and camp. Something I am really excited about right now is fly fishing. I have a grandfather who is an avid fisherman and he has been making me a fly rod! It's something I will enjoy learning how to do with him. I consider each day to be a beautiful gift from God.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised as a member in the LDS church. Nevertheless, at 18 I recognized that family tradition or parental devotions to faith meant nothing when addressing my personal conviction. I needed to search out God on my own and then find His spiritual organization with which to join. Although at this young age I did not know what religious organization to pursue, I could not deny the existence of the Infinite. There had been several moments growing up where I felt something that made me believe in a home elsewhere, one far more beautiful than the wonderful home I grew up in. Peace, deep joy, gratitude and a connection to something Devine were a part of my youth even if it were for moments. As I began college I began to pray more fervently. I asked God about my personal purpose, why I am here, where I should go, and how and where I should worship Him. I wish I could convey the profoundly personal experience I had as I knelt before a loving God and asked in true sincerity if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints be His church. It was a feeling of confidence and of peace. I do not know how to describe it but I knew that the LDS Church was the true church of God. This answer came independent of any other being. I knew because I went to God and He told me by the power of the Holy Ghost. Sense then I have lived a happy life centered on the Savior and serving in His church. On the surface nothing is very different. I am a student, I live with roommates, and I like many things that most young adults enjoy but deep inside I have a conviction to Jesus Christ and a testimony of His great sacrifice. I know He lives and that His sacrifice gave me a way back to the home I long to be in. I know that God has called prophets and apostles to teach us how to live and where to go. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God today. I know that you can know all of this as well through study and mediation of the Book of Mormon and then praying to know if it is true.

How I live my faith

I currently am involved in sharing my faith on a local level. My duties range from visiting those who need a spiritual boost to meeting with people interested in learning more about the church. I feel it is a great honor to visit those who are in need and to share the message about God's church being restored again with them. I have also been involved in various local service organizations. I have helped to organize a tutoring program for Latin youth. This program reached out to about 25 students. We helped tutor various different subject and even had small English and musical instrument classes to accompany the tutoring. I have made humanitarian trips to Mexico serving orphanages and other groups in need. In some of those trips I represented the LDS Church. I have also served a 2 year LDS mission in Mexico City. I taught those interested about the Gospel of Jesus Chris and the restored gospel. I helped them find the peace that it contains. I loved my mission. For me it was a time when I came to know more personally the path the Savior trod, one of selflessness and love. I live my religion in other smaller ways too. These range from being a good neighbor or listening intently to those I interact with. I try to be a sincere disciple of Christ.