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Hi I'm Jason

I love teaching people how to use our Savior's atonement to live happier lives. I'm a father of three, and I'm a Latter-day Saint.

About Me

Due to my father's entrepreneurial ventures, I moved seven times before I was 17 years old. Due to my own, I have moved at least as many times since. Living in different places and cultures has served to open my mind to God's wonders all around us that we often overlook. I love hiking for the beauty of nature. I love good stories that expound countless lessons though clear archetypes. But most of all, I love to teach -- to see a man or woman grow into a better person is something I cherish deeply. I never tire of witnessing improvement of any kind, in myself or others, whether physically, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually, though spiritually is by far my favorite method. I believe that spiritual improvement, the bettering of our core desires and motivations, will tap into every other method of growth in ways those other methods cannot achieve alone. I met my beautiful wife at Southern Virginia University, and after one year of college, two years as a missionary, five years of marriage, and the addition of three wonderful children, we are completely head-over-heels in love. She and I have very strong convictions of the reality of Jesus Christ and the infinite atoning sacrifice he paid for every single one of us. We love Him, and we know He and our Father in Heaven love us all with an immeasurable love.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I grew up in a family of active Latter-day Saints, in my early teen years I began to seriously and honestly question if the LDS Church held the truth it claimed to hold. I searched the Bible like the way he had, and I read many books about various religions and philosophies, but kept coming up short. Though I began to view deity as an agnostic does, I still hoped there was a Supreme Being or Power, and I knew nothing of His or Its character or attributes. No matter how many books I read or scholars I spoke to, I always eventually hit a dead-end. Whenever I shared my dilemma with Latter-day Saints, they would always advise me to read the Book of Mormon and then ask God if it's true. Asking God was obviously far superior to just using my own mind, but I wondered if He really even cared to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, something of this nature. But the prophet Moroni promises at the end of the book that after we have "received" it (or open-mindedly read it), we should then put the matter of its truthfulness in God's hands. If we ask honestly and sincerely, he says, with faith in Christ, and with a desire to act upon whatever God tells us, then He will answer us by the power of the Holy Ghost. After more than a year of reading, I finished the Book of Mormon and asked God if it was His Word along with the Bible. He answered me first with a confirmation of His infinite love, and that He most certainly does care about answering every sincere question anyone gives Him. I then felt from Him that the Book of Mormon is indeed His Word, and was therefore really translated by His power through the prophet Joseph Smith, that there is an actual prophet alive today, and that He, our Heavenly Father, directs the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through His Son. I knew this then and it's been reconfirmed to me over and over since, because I continue to "ask in faith, nothing wavering." Why am I a Mormon? Because God Himself told me it's all true.

How I live my faith

In short, I try to always do whatever our Heavenly Father commands me. Whether those commandments come from ancient prophets, living prophets, the inspired counsel of another, or personal revelation, I work diligently every day to follow the many words He delivers to me. God wants His people to be able to sacrifice anything He requires without the slightest hesitation, and so He has required me to sacrifice much over the years to refine me and develop that kind of unflinching courage. He has in turn blessed me beyond measure (for which I can never really pay Him back), but not with extravagance or wealth. Faithful fearlessness, peaceful hope, and abounding charity have filled my life and touched every endeavor I’ve involved myself in. When I would otherwise be terrified of the future, Heavenly Father has fashioned me into the kind of person who can easily let go of fear or the desire to control a situation, and instead leave it all in His hands and stand ready for further direction. I don’t mean to sound boastful of myself, but only of Him, because He can do the same for you. As directed in my heart and the scriptures, I attend Church each Sunday, fulfill a volunteer-like calling, read the scriptures and pray by myself and with my family, and just do the best I can in everything I do. But beyond all that, I just follow Heavenly Father as much as I can. I think a quote from my all-time favorite novel will appropriately sum-up the kind of lifestyle I experience as a Latter-day Saint: It’s “a life unlike and greater than any other—it is life as life has always, ever, been meant to be life!” I hope that one way or another, you can find this kind of life for yourself, too.