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Hi I'm Amy Schaber

I am the mother of an adorable autistic son, wife of a an energetic high school history teacher. I am a Mormon.

About Me

Greetings! I grew up in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah and am the eldest of four children - all girls. My mother is a convert originally from Long Island, New York. My father is from Utah and they met while attending Brigham Young University. I attended the University of Utah and studied business; I specifically enjoyed economics and statistics. I met my husband on a blind date and we have been married for 10 years. We have one amazing 6-yr-old son who is autistic. His autism presents great challenges, and blessings alike. He is the light of our world and brings us joy beyond words. I enjoy eating! I love trying out new restaurants of all kinds but particularly enjoy SUSHI! I also enjoy running and plan to run my first half marathon in May 2015. I love to travel - especially to places of historical significance and hope to visit the Holy Land one day.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Wow, what a question. Maybe some would say that I am a Mormon simply because I was raised in the religion - that I really have had no choice in the matter. The truth is this: I have always had a strong interest in LOVE, of all kinds. I enjoy researching and observing love relationships (parent/child, sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse,etc.) and what drives deep love, and conversely, what prevents it from being given and received freely. I believe that love is THE KEY component to health and happiness. It can heal wounds, restore confidence, and generate the reason for getting out of bed in the morning! I was raised in a humble home and even though I felt somewhat emotionally "distant" from my parents at times, I always knew I was loved. However, I have struggled throughout the years (teenage years especially) to feel the love of God...and at very low times, questioned His existence. I began to question, "Why would such a 'loving' God allow me to feel so dark, depressed, outcast, and rejected by my peers?" I would spend hours on my knees trying to make a connection and often times, I felt myself giving up in despair. HOWEVER, there was always something, a 'tingling' of sorts, a glimmer of light that I knew somewhere in my heart and mind that I wasn't alone. I hung onto that 'tingling' despite my sometimes callus attitude (it was annoying at times because there were times I wanted so bad to be "right" about the gospel being a complete farce). Over time and very slowly, the light grew. There were random moments of joy - sometimes I would be sitting in a college class, driving in my car, watching the snow fall - and it would just 'hit' me; waves of love would pour onto me and drench my soul. This still happens and even though there are still very intense periods of darkness as I struggle through life's challenges, I have learned to acknowledge that just as firmly I know the "dark" to be real, there is conversely, a very real LIGHT.

How I live my faith

Let me just put this out there: I am FAR from perfect. No one born to this earth is perfect (except Christ) and we are usually our own worst critic but really and truly, I have lots to work on. That being said the things that I find helpful in coming closer to our Savior Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father are: consistent, focused, deliberate prayer - the kind of prayer that enlarges the soul, the kind of prayer that is like talking to your best friend, the kind of prayer that radiates light. Nothing can prevent a person from talking directly to our Father in Heaven, except for the choice not to pray. I also work within our Church unit's children's auxiliary. I help children ages 2 through 11 learn the primary doctrines of our Gospel. As teachers interact with the children, the children learn to engage and teach each other. The goal is to help these children prepare for choices they will make in later life and develop their individual testimonies of our Savior and His teachings. They will hopefully go on to teach others these same truths and share in the joy of bringing another soul unto Christ. I volunteer each day in my son's Kindergarten class to provide the extra help he needs to stay on task, stay focused, etc. I have grown to love these little 5 and 6-yr-olds and even though I have no formal teaching experience, I have been able to develop a skill for conducting a class, encouraging children, and forming relationships in a way I didn't realize I could.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Amy Schaber
Every one of us has unique experiences designed to strengthen our resolve, shape our character, and reach the potential our Heavenly Father intended. Some people may have more seemingly difficult challenges than others. If the challenge is not born out of sin, it can be looked at as God trusting us with higher levels of "molding" - much like moving from simple addition/subtraction to algebra, calculus, and so on. Our understanding can be deepened, our capacity to love broadened, our relationships enriched. Show more Show less