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Hi I'm Les

Hi, I'm married, have 7 adopted kids and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a father of 7 adopted children. My wife recognized a child on a local TV program and wanted to adopt soon after we were married. We prayed about it and pursued the adoption. We didn't adopt that child but 7 children later and a full house, we are helping each other to learn, grow and learn to control our desires so that our desires do not control us, like the Word of Wisdom that has been proven correct so many times, we don't smoke, do drugs, alchol, use foods with moderation, try to exercise as much as our time permits but most of all, our family is most important and going to church, reading the scriptures and praying strengen us. While others assume that we are weak because of these things, we have seen that we have accomplished more because of it than we could have without it.

Why I am a Mormon

One day one of my brothers called me and said, "I've changed churches." So I thought I would look into that option. I had looked at going back to church for 3 years and didn't feel comfortable with the local churchs from the church I grew up in. I asked a friend, who I later married, what church she belonged to and she said the "Mormon Church". My brothers church began with an M but I couldn't remember it's name but I thought this may be it. I asked to go with to church the next week and she said yes but thought it was a pickup line but when she was at church she was looking at a mural with Christ outside a city teaching the people. She thought, If Christ can teach them then I can bring them. So I asked again and when I met the Elders Quorum President he said to me "You're ready and we have a lot for you to do." I had a long beard and hair to match but I was accepted and the spirit told me this was true. A couple of weeks later I was listening to a speaker give his testimony and I knew that what he said about Joseph Smith being a true Prophet was true and if that was true then the Book of Mormon was true and I have had that reconfirmed to me many times over the years. I joined at age 38 and I have gotten busier each year but because it was my choice. I prayed about each big change in my life and I have benifited personnaly from each and every choice to bring my life closer to the Lord's path.

How I live my faith

I am the First Councilor in the Bishopric for out congregation. In other words, If the number one person that runs our congregation is unavailable, I am the one that leads the congregation, but I have assisance as well. I help the organizations run smoothly by checking on them and asking what assistance I can provide or what events that are coming up that need to be communicated so that others may particpate. I have been a primary teacher, Boy Scout leader, Ward Missionary Leader, Quorum President, Executive Secretary and Councilor to the Bishop a couple of times. When I first walked into the church, I was approached by one of the leaders and was told, "you're ready and we have a lot for you to do." He was right and I haven't regretted it. I have been able to help others with their problems, enjoy their successes with them and generally just be there for those who need a little bit of help along the way. My wife has had a similar path and we are encouraging our children to make sure they participate and enjoy the Wed evening youth activities, Scout campouts, BBQs and other fun activities. We try to invite others to come and join us. We want them to have the opportunities for more joy in their lives that the gospel brings to our lives.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

One day when I was a fairly new member of the chuch, I was called to help someone move. They were being evicted and Social Services had called our church and said, "you are the only ones that we know who can help in such short notice." Our church leaders responded and one of our members happened to work for a trucking company and he borrowed a semi. The women of the church had arrived earlier and bagged and boxed everthing that they could. About 6 men, including myself, spent about the next 4 hours moving this person and setting them up in a new apartment. I later learned that because of the help we provided, the family joined the church. I also later learned that two kids that I had adopted were from this family. Show more Show less