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Hi I'm George

I accepted Christ at age 10 and at age 12 was baptized a Presbyterian. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Washington State at 70 mph (according to a postcard my dad sent to his parents in Iowa) in the back seat of the car. My blood type is B+ (read "Be Positive"). These facts seem to reflect my life of 76 years. Our home was in the middle of what was called the Hanford Atomic Works so we were forced to move and my parents chose the Yakima Valley. This is where I met my wife. We married and moved from the state with half of our children; we since have a total of 7 boys an 4 daughters, all are making positive contribution in their respective communities and Church callings. Our 50th grandchild was born on 27 May 2010. I often worked two jobs so my wife could be home more for the children. Since I have a choice, I like to think that I most often see the glass half full (B+). Life has been a challenge and has kept me very busy (70 mph). Primarily I am an educator, i.e., public school, college and adult teaching, religious education and in our own business. I have two advanced degree, but the greatest education has been life, marriage and our eleven children! For our children we have written two volumes describing basic correct principles for raising a peaceful family in a troubled world and time. Our eternal family means so very much to us.

Why I am a Mormon

As a young man, I seriously investigated a few Christan options. I could not easily decide, each seemed worthy. (As an example, I found it remarkable that I could read my New Testament as a Protestant, as I had been raised, or I could read it as Latter-day Saints seemed to.) I made it a serious matter of reading and prayer. Repeatedly the Spirit (I have no idea of how to explain it any other way) confirmed the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Feelings for my good Mother and her opposition, I struggled with the answers I was getting. Finally, I "gave up" and told Father in Heaven in prayer, "Okay, I believe the Book of Mormon and the Church to be true." Then I received an assurance far beyond what promptings I had previously felt. This time my whole being was totally encompassed with an assurance from God - not an imagination of my own for I could never have imagined such an all-encompassing feeling! Since then all things that I am exposed to seem to testify of the truthfulness of the restoration, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the commission of the Church to testify to all the world for the purpose of "inviting all to come to Jesus Christ." As the years have passed I can personally testify that all things I have experienced in life and all that I have learned since further reinforces the truths I embraced those many years ago. I still have much to learn and I know Who I can trust for that information.

How I live my faith

About 18 months after my authorized baptism at age 19, I was called to serve Jesus Christ on a Church mission to Western Canada. For nine months I lived and served with the Native Americans in southern Saskatchewan. Upon my return I married a faithful Latter-day Saint girl in the Logan Temple. We have both enjoyed serving in numerous capacities as called by our Priesthood leaders. I have grown and enjoyed each opportunity to serve. Most recently we served in Botswana, Africa among the Blacks and are currently serving Polynesians in Samoa. With the Lord's help we raised a family of 11, ten who likewise served full time missions around the world and are rearing their families to trust Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Ghost. What more could one desire of life? The restored gospel has provided the means and God has shown the way, in spite of our constant faults, failings, and frustration. Gospel principles have been central to the rearing of our children. I do know how we could have ever provided and spiritually nourished our eleven without the influence of the Holy Ghost and the support of Church programs for children and youth. Their faithful lives testify of the vitality of having the truth to live by.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No, certainly not. Right now my wife and I are serving in Samoa to help implement the food initiative to the people of Samoa as is being done in numerous other locations across the world. We expect to assist in diet, nutrition, gardening, animal production and care, for people of all faiths (or no faith) to become more self sufficient and prepared for emergencies, like the earthquake and Tsunami we experienced here last September, 2009. The months following that disaster the congregation we attend here built 5 homes for victims with no thought of being Mormon or not. We, my wife and I, personally delivered items sent to us by our friends in the US to other victims, without reference to their religious affiliation. Show more Show less

To what do you attribute the growth of the Church?

Deep in our hearts I believe all people want to feel secure. Enduring truths and principles make that possible by giving us a foundation to build our lives on. Changing philosophies, though current, politically correct and/or acceptable to the masses, does not provide that anchor in our lives. Jesus Christ is that anchor and He is the Rock, even the "cornerstone" of His Church, just as the Apostle Paul taught. Additionally, people striving to find and know truth, no matter where it is found, seem to appreciate that God has ushered in a final, latter-day restoration of truth and authority prior to the Second Coming. His truths and authority to preform ordinances has been so long missing from the earth - missing since the removal of those early Apostles and Prophets that Jesus called nearly 2000 years ago. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Absolutely! Having lived "outside" of the Church and now "within," I have observed first hand those who desire to become Christlike in doctrine, virtues and attitudes. Having worked as a prison chaplain and observing other Christian groups serving along the side of Mormons, I again experienced our common interest in the Savior even though there were different understanding of His reality. As scholars learn more about early Christianity they discover that Mormonism, so called, is much closer to the original doctrine and organization than are current Christian groups - though MANY GOOD people are striving to do their best with limited resources. The Book of Mormon is full of Jesus Christ - even His resurrected visit to the Americas - and is the greatest source for serious student of gospel understanding and living. Read and ponder the contents and ask God. It worked for me and for literally millions of others, each coming to know in different ways as God sees fit to make it know to them. Show more Show less