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Hi I'm Isaac

I love computers and extreme sports. Paintballing is my favorite and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Joliet Area of Illinois, about 45 minutes from Chicago. Don't get me wrong, I lived mostly country and love it. I love riding Go-karts, Swimming, and playing Paintball. All of which I have given up for 2 years so that I can devote all of my time to serving the Lord. I love Guitar Hero as well, it is one of my favorite ways to relax and listen to music at the same time. I Wish one day to work for a major gaming company such as Blizzard Corp. or Level 5 Publishers. I am currently beginning my major in Computer Software Engineering which should help me along to bigger and better things.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Mormon faith. My mother was a member and my father was not. So I either went to church on Sunday or worked with my father at home. We lived the motto, "Be smart or be strong," and were given those as choices in all things. Most of the time, I honestly stayed home if possible. When I was about 7 years of age, my father decided to join the church saying that he knew it to be true long before hand, but was hesitant to make the change. Things only got better from there... When I got to 5th grade, I had to have many surgeries on my leg for various reasons and it gave me time to really learn. Around my Sophomore year, I began to fall away from church in a way. I still went because I felt I was supposed to, but I never really paid any attention. I fell away moreso spiritually than physically. Then I started working at a Paintball park nearby home. I worked almost every weekend and rarely had time for church. It just slipped from my mind. I lost focus on the Savior...My parents never pushed me to go, they simply left the offer on the table. Things happened and I eventually realized that my life was going the wrong direction, I felt empty inside, something was missing...I started going to church again, and realized that that was where I felt right, complete if you will. If I didn't go to church, I felt empty for the whole week, but everytime I did go, I somehow made it through. Slowly but surely, I started to return to God. It was gradual, but noone criticized me for my choices. I love the scripture, "ye shall not cast him out from among you, but ye shall minister unto him." It is true, we shouldn't tell people they can't do something just because of past actions, but we should help them to become better, and that's what they did with me. I didn't notice at the time, but the church helped me to realize who I really was, what I really wanted, and taught me what God can really do for us. I love it! That's why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I serve. I live the gospel and try to be the best I can be and try to be a good example to others by helping them whenever I can. I truly believe service is the key to winning hearts. Don't tell people you love them, show people you love them. That's done through serving them and showing that you care about them and their time and their feelings. But telling them is important too...lol.

What is Mormonism? OR What do Mormons believe?

Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He has done all that he can to bring us back to our Heavenly Father. As we follow his example and live our lives the way he lived his, in service to those in need, we will become more like him. Mormonism to me is more than a belief, it's a lifestyle. Living in harmony with God's standards and His commandments is part of being a true Christian and that's the goal of Mormons all around the world. Live as He lives, Follow Him. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

There are 3 ways you can come to know if Mormonism is true. Going to LDS church services, Reading from the Book of Mormon and Praying to ask God if it is true. The Spirit will manifest it to you. Galatians 5:22-23. When you feel it, you will know. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes! The full name of the church is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We strive to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I firmly believe Christ to be our Savior. Show more Show less