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Hi I'm John Curtis

About Me

I live in eastern Arkansas. However, I was born in Connetticut and raised in Tennessee. I am 53 years old and am married with a son 33, married and lives in Provo, Utah, two daughters one who is 29 and lives nearby and my baby girl who is 12 and I'm never letting leave home without me and my wife going with her!. I have been a church member since 1984 when we were taught the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ's restored gospel into our lives and were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I enjoy college football University of Nebraska, go Huskers!, bike riding, reading, watching my 12 year old play softball, soccer and basketball and spending time with my family. I work as a human resources manager in an automotive parts manufacturing company. I truly enjoy working with and helping people grow and improve their lives and jobs. 

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young I attended a number of Protestant churches on occasion but didn't join them because I always felt something was missing. After my wife and I married we both had a desire to raise our children with God in our lives but we could not find a religion that we believed was true. We actually discussed different religions in depth and eliminated them when we could not find doctrine that we believed to be correct. We lived in Idaho (we were in the US Air Force at the time) and met LDS families that became our friends and were a good example to us. A few years later we were in stationed in England and were looking for a babysitter for our daughter. We asked a friend (who was Mormon) if he knew anyone in his church who might be interested in doing daycare in their home (we asked him because we knew from our time in Idaho that the LDS families we had met were good family people and we wanted our daughter in this type of environment). His wife actually was looking to earn income in her home so it was a great fit. Through their wonderful example we grew interested in what they believed and started attending church with them. When the missionairies taught us the plan of salvation it was like a light coming on. We didn't just believe; we knew we had heard the true gospel being taught. The decision was simple. We had heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and we couldn't deny it so we were baptized. Our testimony today is still based on faith in our Lord and Savior. I know that Christ lives and he is my Reedemer. I have a deep knowledge that the gospel was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, that the Book of Mormon is another testimony of Jesus Christ, that we have prophets and apostles on the earth today and the Priesthood of God has been restored to the earth and conferred upon all worthy male members of the Church. I have the comfort of knowing the purpose of life on this earth and that when I leave it that my family can live with me forever. I know this not because someone told me to believe it but because I have searched it out for myself through prayer and scripture study and the Holy Ghost has confirmed this knowledge to me. I know that it is only in the true Church of Jesus Christ that all his doctrine can be found in its entirety.

How I live my faith

I live each day relying on my faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to guide me down the path of life's trials and grow as a Christian, husband, father and person. Daily scripture study, individual prayer each morning and night as well as daily family prayer and scripture study give me a rock on which I lean to make it through daily challenges and keep focused on the Savior. I know that my Heavenly Father and Savior love me personally. I have had many blessings in my life to teach me this. I try to cherish my wife and children each and every day because I know that they are my eternal family.

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

John Curtis
When we die our bodies are left in the grave while our spirits go to the spirit world where we await the Second Coming of Christ when our spirits and bodies will be reunited again forever. The spirit world is a place of preparation and rest until the Second Coming. We will be judged of Christ to determine our eternal glory based on our works and His grace. Show more Show less

What is the priesthood?

John Curtis
The priesthood is the authority to act in the name of God. This priesthood is the same priesthood held by the ancient prophets such as Adam, Moses, Noah, Elijah and Isaiah. The priesthood was removed from the earth during the Great Apostasy after the apostles of Christ were killed. The priesthood was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and is held today by the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and given to all worthy male members of the Church. Show more Show less