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Hi I'm Brad

I grew up in Eastern Utah and am a Mormon.

About Me

While growing up in Eastern Utah, the Uinta Mountains were my backyard, I spent countless hours of my youth roaming the mountains, fishing, hunting and hiking. As I grew up I fully intended on being a mountain man and living my life free to roam. However, in 1983 after a mission for the church to Wisconsin I met someone that was destined to change my life for not only this life but for the eternities. I put the mountain man life on hold indefinitely and settled down to be a husband, father, grandfather, and provider for the family that has been the joy of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in the Mormon church from the outside it may appear easy to simply follow the crowd down the road they have chosen but it isn’t always that easy nor doesn’t always work that way. I came from a family of 6 boys and I was the youngest. My brothers in my eyes were role models to me and the standards were set extremely high. It seemed at times that all I needed to do was follow the path and things would be fine. My 5 brothers had all been on missions and the bar was raised for me to not break the cycle. Looking back now, there were specific events that proved to be life changing that would provide the foundation I would need for more challenging days. When I was about 10 or 11 years old my family drove back to the Eastern part of the US to pick up one of my brothers whose church mission had just been completed. During our travel we made a trip to Palmyra New York where Joseph Smith had lived as a boy. It was while he was in his 14th year that he visited the grove near his home and had that glorious visitation of the Father and the Son. After all these years I can still remember the peace, knowledge and understanding that that event did indeed happen. As Joseph wrote, “For I had seen a vision I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it deny it, neither dared I do it at least I knew that by so doing I would offend God, and come under condemnation.” So it was with myself and that event of visiting that sacred place. I too knew that was true, all of it! As I have visited that sacred place over the years my heart continues to burn within me. That event truly kept me going for many years after. Later however in my high school years, it was clear to me the path that was laid before me would become extremely difficult to follow. Standards at times seemed to out of reach for me. One thing I had going for me was my deep respect that I had for my parents and brothers. I loved them and wanted to show them that I would not be the black sheep of the family. What was extremely helpful is I had friends that although they were members of the Church they were not necessarily active and participating, however they were very supportive of me and if I attempted to do anything that would go against my core beliefs they would remind me of my goal to go on a mission. They protected me and helped me along the way as well. Still amidst all this was I truly converted, did I really know what I had been taught was truth. At times I was simply going through the motions, following the Mormon crowd. As I neared 19 years of age I knew it soon would be time for me to fulfill my responsibility to go on a mission. Questions came more frequently, could I do it, do I want to go. It had always been in the back of my mind during trying times. I had questions that seemed to always be there, then one day my mother came to me and said “you know just because your brothers went on missions doesn’t mean that you have to go”. Like a bolt of lighting it hit me and before I knew it out of my mouth came, “oh yes Mother I have to go”. So I went and served the Lord for two years to Wisconsin where I fell in love with the people I served. It was really during this time that I truly became converted. I felt duty called but more importantly I felt Heaven called. I knew and to this day know that I was called by the Lord to serve him. Like the foundation of the Sacred Grove experience my mission experience was the foundation of all that I am today. I continue to have experiences that impress upon my mind the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. That he was who He said he was, the Savior of the World. Amidst the challenges of raising a family, this foundation that I have been able to build upon has been so sure and strong. We as a family have had extremely difficult times that have caused us great pain and suffering. The one thing that has always been steady and strong is the knowledge that started during my youth of the truth that I had been raised with.

How I live my faith

Sometimes living the way and manner which a person believes isn’t always easy. It’s part of life to find something to hold on to, to hope to work toward. My faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like that. In raising five children both my wife and I have tried to teach them this simple truth. If we find ourselves doing something that is easy to do and doesn’t push us to be better then it probably isn’t something that is best for us to be doing. As a prophet of God Spencer W. Kimball once said “the pursuit of easy things make men weak”. How true this is, anything in life that is difficult to do or work toward, generally make us a better. I remember many times in my life the light in another's eyes when they could grasp certain truths, knowledge of the Savior how he atoned for each of our sins. I remember the valuable lesson I taught my children one day several summers ago. We had been up in the mountains as a family on a picnic and as we turned to head on the highway to come home we saw two men with the hood of their truck open with steam coming out. Knowing some things about auto mechanics I pulled over to offer help. It turns out that they were on their way to North Dakota and they had limped this old beat up truck from Southern California to that point in their journey. We helped them get the truck working enough to get back to our town. By the time we got to town every auto parts store was closed. So we offered them a bed in our home, fixed them dinner and sent them on their way the next morning. Even though that event took place many years ago that once single instance has had a lasting effect on my family for each child has mentioned it at various points in their growing up. Each child fondly speaks of these two rough looking men with fondness and I remind them of the Savior’s words, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Are Mormons Christians?

Without question! The official name of the Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While anyone could have a similar title which they ascribe to, actions speak much louder. Calling oneself a Christian I believe doesn’t necessarily make it so. A Christian I believe is someone who has taken on themselves the name of Christ and who chooses to make decisions and actions based on how the Savior Jesus Christ would act. Acts of kindness, love unconditional towards others and service without the expectations of what will I receive in return are all Christian traits. The Mormon church sets the standards in these traits as a whole. While the church clearly teaches these principals not all of us necessarily live those principals. I too have come across people in my own faith who do not live these principals. While I am probably not the model Christian I believe that lifting and helping another is the most Christlike thing a person can do. I as a person am trying to live my life as such. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

In the Old Testament in Amos 3:7 it states: “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” In the most simple terms a Prophet is someone who is in direct communication and reveals the Lords will to His children. Throughout history there have been periods in which Prophets were on the earth such as Moses, Noah, Abraham and countless others. In reality when a people have had something that the Lord is trying to convey to his children He has done so through prophets. The second part of this question is do they exist today? I personally know and believe that we have a prophet on the earth today for I have felt of the blessings that come of his counsel. In fact by the simple fact that we all live in the time that we do, and our Heavenly Father is no respecter of persons who loves all His children regardless of the time in which they live, now more than ever should we require the blessings that a prophet would provide. I testify that we have a living prophet today who offers direction directly from a loving Heavenly Father who help us as a whole understand and know His will. I testify that Thomas S. Monson is that mouthpiece of the Lord today and that it is equally important to follow the council of the Prophet as it was in the days of Noah, Abraham or Moses. The last part of this question is if so what value are they to me? In any given time in the existence of man when the prophet spoke when so moved upon by the power of the spirit and the people heeded that council the people were blessed when they choose to disobey the they suffered. It was as simple as that then and equally simple now. In my lifetime I have listened to and read to hundreds of talks given by prophets while some messages have been delivered in a straight forward manner, others have been more subtle and I have had to spend time on my knees and in study of the scriptures to hear the message that the Lord intended for me to hear. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

The Book of Mormon is scripture as is the Bible and we as Mormons believe this book can offer added peace and comfort in our lives. The teachings within this sacred record offer insight and understanding that prepare us for the return of the Savior Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon has the power to draw the reader closer to Christ. I have read the Book of Mormon many, many times and each time I do I gain spiritual insight and understanding that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. The message of the Book of Mormon is clearly that mankind does in fact have a loving Father in Heaven who wants happiness for his children. Sometimes I feel such a burn about this sacred record that I want to shout it upon the housetops of the spirit of that book. Show more Show less