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Hi I'm Patrick

I'm on a path of healing from being abused as a child. I plan to dedicate my life to helping others. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Though I have been a member my entire life, and was blessed to be born into a very loving and supportive family, in many regards I have lived the gospel “alone”. My family became less active when I was very young. However, best described as an emanating force of light, something has driven me to ever remain active and true to the Church and gospel that I love. I have learned and grown tremendously from the great adversity of being sexually abused as a child by a very close male extended family member who was an active member. I now have, more than ever, a clear picture of my “purpose” in life. Nothing drives me more than my passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of others, do everything in my power to help them out of their pits of darkness and despair, and build bridges to protect others from entering therein. I currently am getting my MBA, working full-time at the Church, serving as a leader in my local Ward (or congregation), serving as the Director of PR on a nonprofit Board of Directors, and actively volunteering where I have spare time. I worry about my future, and that of my families, as I see the world ever growing in the darkness of unbelief. Yet this encompassing darkness only seems to be framing more beautifully the millions of points of light that still remain burning across the globe. How I pray that, as I remain one of those lights, I might be able to help others “let there light so shine”.

Why I am a Mormon

LDS Apostle M. Russell Ballard said, “…the meaning of life is to be found not in philosophy or supposition but in revealed truth.” Through sincere and prayerful searching, I have come to a sure knowledge that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth today. This is my personal testimony, and each individual must come to that knowledge on his or her own. Personal revelation is closely linked to the heart, and I have felt the burning in my heart of the truth of this statement. I know that the boy Joseph humbly knelt in a grove of trees to ask his Father in Heaven among all the churches, which was true, and in answer to this sincere prayer, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and restored the gospel through him. What could be more comforting than to have the sure knowledge that our Father in Heaven has not left us unaided in these perilous times, in the trials we face, and in these latter-days. The Lord will never leave us. As the words to the following song have lifted me during some of my darkest hours when I have felt alone, I hope they can lift and inspire you: “Are you struggling with the burdens placed before you? Are you battling the tempest all alone? When the world crowds around me, I fall upon my knees, and in my darkest hour, his promise comes to me. ‘Fear not, you are mine. I am with you. I’ll never leave you. Just believe. Build upon my rock, sons and daughters of God. For I am your Shepherd, just believe.’” The Lord has said, “Therefore, let your hearts be comforted...for all flesh is in mine hands; Be still and know that I am God.” I testify that He speaks to us on an individual basis through personal prayer, but even more fully, we can be guided by his all-knowing hand through a living Prophet of God. President Thomas S. Monson is that man today. I proclaim of this truth and stand firm in my faith. I encourage all people “ask and [let it] be given to you”.

How I live my faith

The best way I can explain how I live my faith is by describing the force that guides all my decisions and actions in life. Throughout my life, I have encountered many times the whisperings within my heart of something far greater than myself. You may ask, “Is it really a voice you are hearing…because that sounds crazy!?” My answer would be that it might not be so much a voice as it would be a feeling. You may be wondering what this voice feels like once it has found a place in your heart. The voice of the Spirit is described in the scriptures as being neither “loud” nor “harsh.” It is “not a voice of thunder”, but rather “a still voice of perfect mildness, as a whisper.” Yet it can “pierce to the very soul” and “cause [the heart] to burn.” From personal experience, I can testify that it is received by the heart as a comfort that can be described like the warmth that radiates from a fire on a cold, dark night. Listening and heeding the Still Small Voice brings a warmth that encompasses you and sends calming tingles up your spine, seemingly chasing away all feelings of cold and despair. This feeling transpires in the heart of someone who has just completed a great service for someone in need, after doing something of worth, something good, something of value. More than two millennia ago, Aristotle suggested that everyone who lives has the same basic objective—to be happy. How we gain and then measure this happiness is where many get confused. I testify to you that true happiness can and will be gained if we heed the promptings of the Still Small Voice—however silent its whisperings may come to us. As a warm breeze whips through the still air on a calm, summer night—bringing with it fragrances of beautifully budding flowers—so too does the Still Small Voice contain comfort and splendor in its whisperings. I know with a firm surety that the promptings that accompany the Still Small Voice stand as the gateway in how to best live the gospel of Jesus Christ.