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Hi I'm Mandy Dawn

About Me

I am a wife to my amazing husband and a mother to my four daughters. I graduated from college with a degree in English and I spend my most precious hours teaching my children. My husband teaches special education at a junior high. He recently completed Master's in Educational Leadership and so we often have discussions about education and best teaching practices. Studying English, I studied a wide variety to literature, and I still love to learn and read new things. I love to write and spend a lot of time journaling and doing family history work. Through my interest in my ancestors, I have gained an interest in sewing, crocheting and cooking. I am interested most recently in much of the reading my husband is doing in his program and in helping my family to eat a more healthful diet.

Why I am a Mormon

The summer before my 21st birthday, I was beginning to feel deep frustration in my search for what I believed. I had studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and the writings of many philosophers. I started to attend a Methodist church with a friend of mine and I loved the feeling I had there. I longed to learn more. The young man who invited me to his church bore his testimony to me about the Savior and it stirred something deep in my soul. At a Non-denominational youth group, a youth pastor likewise told of his feelings about Jesus Christ. I felt a strong desire to "give my life over to Christ," as he invited. I decided I'd better find out more about this Jesus if I was going to give my life over to Him. A family I was acquainted with invited me to learn more about their faith, which they told me was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was amazed. So much of what they taught fit in with what I had come to believe. I felt it was true. I felt a confirming witness of its truthfulness as I called upon Jesus Christ. I am not a Mormon because of what anyone has told me, although the testimonies of others confirm and strengthen my faith. I am a Mormon because I have sought Jesus Christ and I have found Him waiting for me. I know He has a plan for my life and I feel a deep feeling of peace and love as I strive to understand that plan and to live it more fully. The greatest part of that plan involves my family and the potential for us to be together even after this life. After the birth of each of my daughters, when I hold my new baby, I realize again how much it matters to me that these relationships do not end with this life. Heaven would not be desirable to me if I could not continue the relationship I now enjoy with my husband and my children. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ--being Mormon--is hope that, if I do all in my power to be worthy of such a supreme blessing, through the grace of the Atonement, I can know such happiness.

How I live my faith

My faith is everything to me. I was not raised in what you would call a "religious" home. We did not attend church or read from the scriptures. I always felt like something was missing and spent my teen years searching for what I believed. I want my children to have a solid foundation of faith to build their lives on. I attend church every Sunday. We have our sacrament meeting the first hour and take the sacrament weekly. The second hour, I take my girls to their Primary Sunday School classes. They LOVE it. I attend an adult Sunday school class with my husband. I feel it is important to read the scriptures on a regular basis, and so DAILY is my GOAL! We also read the scriptures with our girls. They love to learn about Christ's life. We have family prayer and our individual prayers morning and evening and we ask a blessing over our meals. If we forget, our middle daughter will sit quietly waiting on us, so it is easy to remember! I want my children to know of the love that their Father in Heaven feels for them and the joy that comes as they live clean lives. I want them to learn the joy that comes in our family relationships and in service to others. I feel the burden on my shoulders to model motherhood and womenhood for them. I wonder at times if I'm up for the task, but I know that the work of parenting is a partnership with God. I pray constantly for His help and I know I must weary Him with my petitions! I keep working on those same weaknesses that I want to overcome! My life is blessed and full. Before I had the foundation of faith that I have found in the Church, I struggled to find meaning in what I do and hope for the future. With a faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ, I can trust in God's plan and hope that as I turn to my Savior, He can make me equal to this great work.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Mandy Dawn
The missionaries who visited me welcomed my questions and sought to answer them through the scriptures. I appreciated this very much. They taught me about Jesus Christ and gave me reading assignments from the scriptures so that I could come to understand things on my own. This usually brought up more questions and guided our future discussions. They came to my home on several different occasions as it worked out in my schedule, so they could discuss a few questions with me at a time and answer them well. They challenged me to study things out for myself and pray about what I was learning. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Mandy Dawn
Visitors are not only allowed, they are very much welcomed! When I first attended a Mormon church I wore very casual clothing and didn't realize until later that everyone else was dressed up a little more. No one ever said a word that I should have dressed more nicely! I was a bit surprised at how friendly everyone was, at how many people wanted to speak to me. There is no paid clergy and so the speakers in the main meeting, the Sacrament Meeting, are from the congregation. This was refreshing to me. I find my own faith strengthened by hearing from others in my situation who are trying to live the gospel. Show more Show less