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Hi I'm Cara Michelle

I'm a teacher, a wife, a mother, a dancer, an illustrator and much more. I am definitely a Mormon.

About Me

How do I put my life in a nutshell? I have wonderful parents who have encouraged my four sisters and I to be involved in life's pursuits without holding back. So anything I do, I do with my full heart. The things I put my heart into 100% are my relationships with my Heavenly Father and eldest brother Jesus Christ, my family (my husband and two young daughters), my schooling and teaching (M.Ed. in Secondary Education), developing and using talents (dance, music, illustrating, theater and whatever else I may be doing) and my church callings. These things are the most important to me and they are a part of my everyday life. I also love visiting neighbors, friends and extended family, being outdoors, reading, creating family movies on our Mac, cooking (especially with with my Husband), going to the theater, walking our two hyper dogs and physical fitness. Life is busy, but I love it!!

Why I am a Mormon

Since I grew up as a Mormon, it may appear that I do not have a conversion story of my own. I have sought diligently, however, to know and understand the doctrines of the gospel for myself. When I was fifteen, for example, I wanted to know if Joseph Smith was really a prophet of God and if he saw what he said he saw. I prayed for an extended period of time to know this truth for myself. The answer came in a way that I no longer doubt the vision he had in the Sacred Grove and his mission to restore the gospel to the earth. I will always be grateful to this man for what he accomplished and the sacrifices he (and all the early saints) made to restore the gospel. I absolutely love this gospel. I will not deny it's presence in the way my life develops each day. It has been such a blessing and supplies my soul with the greatest peace and joy imagined. Yes it is hard to be different from the norms present in the media and society. Yes it is hard to stand strong in what I believe when others do not seem to care or when they tear down this belief. I love this gospel though and I have felt its blessings in my life over and over again. More importantly though, I love Jesus Christ and my dear Father in Heaven who continue to guide and teach me in all my walks of life. I feel their presence every day. I know they love me. We are not left alone in this earthly journey, thank goodness...or I'd be in trouble!

How I live my faith

This may sound very simple, but I strive to live my faith through my every day actions and goals. It is not a complex thing to choose to search after truth through prayer, reading the scriptures and following the promptings of the holy spirit, but it is challenging when life just does not seem to slow down and distractions are everywhere. I am finding, however, that when making this effort he gives me strength to see past the distractions and know what is most important in that moment. For example, as I am home teaching and loving my two little daughters I find that everything is on turbo speed and that the smallest decisions (going to the grocery store, reading a book, learning activities, having time to myself, taking a nap and not taking a nap, and a million more things) can really affect the way the day turns out. I ask Heavenly Father for guidance, sometimes minute by minute. He always answers and some times the answer is "today is probably not going to be easy but just do your best" and he usually adds in after that "don't over do it." I know He listens. He also helps me in my church callings (working with the youth and Visiting Teaching), in my relationship with my husband, my education and teaching and even in how I use the arts to help others. There is not a part of my life for which he is not available to help me. I know He loves me. He wants me, my family...and all who have lived on this earth to be happy forever. I know this with all my heart and love Him for it.