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Hi I'm Terry

About Me

I have lived in England all my life. I learned to play the piano as a child and teenager, and I liked science subjects at school. I went on to train as a secondary school science teacher which I have done most of my working career. I met two impressive sister missionaries from the Church just as I finished qualifying as teacher in 1972. I asked what they were teaching and they asked me what I would think and feel if they were to tell me there were Apostles of Jesus Christ on the Earth again. I invetigate The Church and received a witnes from the Holyghost that it was all true. I have received many more witnesses that the Lord Jesus Christ authorises the work of this Church directly throughout my life at home, at work and in direct service in the Church.

Why I am a Mormon

After researching into the Church, its teachings and the Book of Mormon, I followed the guidance to seek a personal witness to know that these things were true and I would be safe in following them all through my life. I received a powerful spiritual witness form the Holy Ghost that these things were so. Following the witness from the Holy Ghost I realised I was once again on my own and had to choose for myself what to do about this new knowledge. I was at a major cross road of my life. I had things to repent of and never do again. I had significant people in my life to adjust my relationship with. The result of my thinking was that I could not live with myself if I denied what I knew to be true. I decided to give up the things outside the Lord's commandments and start living my life in accordance with the laws and principles He teaches through His Church. And so I became baptised and a student and disciple of Jesus Christ ever since - a Mormon!

How I live my faith

It is easy to forget one's faith and one's promise to God and the Lord Jesus Christ to live one's life fully in accordance with the teachings and the example shown by Christ himself. Obeying the commandment to prepare for and receive the Sacrament each Sunday helps. But daily it is necessary to study the Word from ancient and modern prophets and apostles and the words of the Lord himself. By doing so one maintains a better connection with the culture of heavenly living - it is easier to remember all one has learnt through such study. I shold say that I follow the teaching to pray often to my Heavenly Father - which I try to do - not only at home but also when out and about in my work, family, leisure and community activities. I feel that I am greatly blessed and find it easier to keep the commandments and live with faith, hope and charity when I do these things. Ultimately it is about keeping one's heart and mind pure, seeking ways of blessings those near and dear to you in your family, frineds and whoever one happens to be with. But it is also very much about keeping close and connected with Heavenly Father constantly through prayer and obedience to the commandments. We feel the Holy Ghost with us more or less constantly as a result - a feature of my reality I would do everything in order to keep - His companionship is the most precious possession I believe that I have. Life without this companionship would feel very lonely - like being in the cold night outside a warm and happy family home, and not being able to join with them.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Knowing God is a very rational process. You trust He is there. In faith you try a sincere and authentic 'experiment'. You live the principles He teaches through the scriptures and prophets and the Lord Jesus Christ's teaching. As you live in His way, you can ask sincerley for Him to reveal Himself to you by asking Him specific question. Are you a 'man'? Are you the Father of my spirit? Is Jesus your fist born son and was he chosen by you to be our Saviour? Ask these and other questions about his identity, with sincerity, and the power of the Holy Ghost will witness to you when you are ready to receive this witness that these things are so. You will have a persoanl and undeniable knowledge. This is how to 'prove' there is a God. It is the rational method for verifying this aspect of reality of which we are a part of. It is the appropriate rational method. We will not prove the existence of God with scientific machines and methods for material enquiries like telescopes or microscopes. Material scientists who never experiemnt in faith have no jurisdiction to claim the existence or non-existence of God. They simply have not tried the proper method to verify this truth for themselves and so whatever is said has no authority, no matter how loud they might speak! Show more Show less