G. Tadj: Mormon.

Hi I'm G. Tadj

About Me

I'm married with three children. Like most families we have our ups and downs but I know we have a strong family. I've worked as an internet developer since the late 90's and now have my own online store. In my free time I enjoy cycling and skiing, and volunteer as a Ski Patroller at a small area in southeastern Michigan.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in the church. As I grew up in Michigan I was exposed to many different kinds of lifestyles. I soon began to see the benefits of being a Mormon. I still needed to know if it was the true gospel, so I prayed asking If the church was true and I received an answer I could not deny.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

When things in life aren't going the way I expect, whether in business, or at home that can cause me to have a lot of self doubt. Going to church is a real blessing to my life, I first feel the warmth in fellowship, and then as I listen to the people who are speaking and teaching I can feel the spirit and I am reminded I am a son of god, and he loves me. Although I my have struggles there is no reason for self doubt. Having faith Christ renews faith and confidence in myself.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

The Holy Ghost will give me promptings to things I should and should not. Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to live our lives indecisively and have him to make all of our decisions for us like a spiritual dictator, but when I have had major decisions in my life like marriage, I prayed and say this is what I want to do is it a good decision? I have felt the promptings of the holy ghost help me feel comfortable about my decisions.

How I live my faith

I attend church on Sunday with my family, and keep the commandments. Our family has family prayer every day. I try to live my life so my actions reflect the teachings of my savior.