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Hi I'm Mary Leslie

About Me

Hi, I'm a mom, a grandma, a primary teacher and I work with folks who are severly mentally ill. I have a masters in Psychology. I love children and people in general. I have too many hobbies to name and I have to watch that they don't become too much of my focus and use too much of my time. I was over 45 when I began attending college. I could not figure out what I wanted to be or how to get there. Opportunities opened the door for me to attend school and I did find out that I want to work with people--and I do.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Morman because this is the only path I could take that not only makes sense but felt good. I wanted to learn more about Mormans because I knew they are family centered. I knew that was what I needed in my life. I had to hound my neighbors (who were Morman) to take me to church. Finally one day I waited on their doorstep for them to come out to go to church and asked to go. I met the missionaries and was asked if I would come back. I did not have a car and a ride was set up for me. I began attending weekly. I began taking the missionary lessons and about the lesson that discussed the word of wisdom I realized I could never be baptised I could not quit smoking and I had smoked for 30 plus years. I had tried to quit and could not. I did attend the meeting the next week. When I went in a person I had met who had been recently baptised asked me how I was doing. I held up my hands, open palmed and said "here is getting baptised" showing one hand; the showing the other hand I said " here are my cigarettes and smoking" which do you think I keep choosing? and I moved my face almost on top of the hand referring to the cigarettes. The other person said to me: Just know each cigarette you light keeps Satan that much more in control of you. Whoa. I thought about that all Sacrament meeting and decided that I was in charge of me, not Satan. I quit smoking that day and did not go back. Right after Sacrament meeting I told my missionaries that I quit smoking how soon could I get baptised. I was told 2 weeks. ...and I was baptised on the 15th day. Okay it was not as easy as it sounds. Yes I did want to quit. There were times when I would carry an unlit cigarette around in my hand at home. One of my missionaries made me a pack of "Morman cigarettes". I was elated. I knew everyone could not just quit smoking. When I opened the pack ==which was covered in white paper--I found 20 papers rolled like a straw. I asked what am I supposed to do with these==such air? I was told no, when I wanted a cigarette, I should open one and read it. He had carefully written scriptures on each one of the twenty papers and rolled them into a strawlike form. I want to tell you I treasured that pack of 'morman cigarettes'. I took them everywhere which me. It was not until a couple of years later when I realized that I did not "quit smoking" I just did not smoke. When asked if I smoked I said "No, I don't smoke". I never said no I quit smoking or I used to smoke but I quit. I just did not smoke. I also at that time realized that I did not put food or anything in my mouth as a replacement for the cigarette. Then I realized I quit smoking and it was a gift from Heavenly Father. When I said I had tried to quit smoking ==I had the patch --it did not help, I still smoked. I also was taking Wellbutrin for another problem and learned later that it is also prescribed to help one quit smoking. But prior to the time that I decided "I Quit!" they did not help me. As I look back I also realize I did not have a life that worked very well for me. I have developed a life that I am glad I get to live and I am grateful for the blessings that have come my way. I also want to say the first miracle was the gift to quit smoking, but I have had many miracles in my life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to do what I think is right. I don't use obnoxious language and try to treat others as the Savior would have treated people. I truly care about people, so that was not as difficult as it was to not get angry when I felt people were not treating me right. I had to work on anger. I can say now, (10 years later) that people I work with do not swear around me or talk about inapporpriate things around me. One day I heard a fellow worker telling someone not to swear around me, becuase it was not okay. Another time a fellow employee said in describing me that I have integrity. That was one of the best compliments I have received. I teach primary, 4 yr olds, I love it. It was my first calling. I learned a lot about the teachings and core beliefs members in the church have by teaching primary. I now am also our ward family history consultant. I love it. I was told I could do both (when I was called to primary --I was already the family history consultant--. So as long as I could effectively do both I could keep them both. I have a lot of energy and am able to do both with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.