What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Christian.

I'm an happily-married economist working hard on a PhD. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a graduate student studying economics. Life is busy with schoolwork, church service, spending as much time as possible with my lovely wife, and much more, but I'd rather be busy than bored. School can be intense, even overwhelming at times, but I do the best I can to learn and become a better student. I love to fill the leftover hours with music, sports, and reading, amongst other things. I just love learning and I try hard to pick up new skills and knowledge every day. And above all, I love spending time with my wife when we both get home from work and just talking together about this, that and everything.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? My parents are Mormon too and they raised me in the Church, but I wouldn't still be here if it weren't for the things I've felt and learned as I've sought after truth myself. Simply put, I have prayed and had my prayers answered, and I can feel in my heart how true it is every time I study from the scriptures, every time I help a friend in need and every time I worship at Church. Knowing these things has become part of who I am.

How I live my faith

First of all, I simply try to be like the Savior as much as I can every day. I try to be kind and respectful to those around me, always willing to lend a hand or share a kind word. Secondly, I spend time every day studying God's words, praying, and trying to become a better person by improving myself. Lastly, I give whatever time is needed to serving in the Church, be it through visiting those who are lonely and in need of help or by helping with organizational details of the local congregation. I always aim to give help whenever it is needed, whether it be big or small.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

This is a very good question. The Book of Mormon is the word of God written down by prophets who lived long ago on the American continent. One prophet, Mormon, took of these writings and organized them into what we call the Book of Mormon. Then, in the 1800s, Joseph Smith received this record from an angel and translated it into English. So at the heart, the author is Jesus Christ, working through His prophets, just like the Bible. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Absolutely not. On a large scale, the Church regularly contributes both aid and manpower to relief efforts in major disasters: Haiti, New Orleans, Indonesia, etc. We are always striving to be one of the first ones to the scene to help and our concern is simply rescuing and preserving lives. On a smaller scale, as members, we strive to be like Jesus, who went about doing good to all people. That love is not restricted to a certain class of people, but is towards all men. We hope to be great neighbors and friends to all people. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

In the big picture, we recognize that we cannot be saved without the grace - the help and power - of Jesus Christ. Without Him, there is no salvation, no returning home to Father in Heaven, no eternal families. But to receive that grace, He asks that we come unto Him and follow Him. Thus, we are taught His gospel and His commandments so we can draw closer to Him. As we do this, we can receive grace - power and help from Jesus Christ - on a daily basis to endure difficulty, to serve others, and to be better men and women. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

We believe that death is not the end. When we die, our bodies and our spirits are separated until a later date when they are again reunited. This is what is called resurrection and it comes because of Jesus Christ. We believe that in the end we will be judged according to both our works, words, and thoughts, as well as the desires of our hearts. God will be perfectly fair and just, and judgment will come in light of His perfect love and His perfect knowledge. Ultimately, He wants us to be with Him and be with our families forever, and that's why the gospel is so important - it teaches us what we have to do to return to God, our Heavenly Father and also what we must do to enjoy our family relationships forever. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about “eternal life?”

When we talk about eternal life, I think it's helpful to think of it in this way - Eternal is another name for God, and thus when we say we seek to have eternal life, we are saying we seek to have God's life. We wish to enjoy the type of life He lives, enjoy all the happiness He enjoys, all the knowledge He possesses, all the love He feels. He has promised this type of life to us if we obey His commandments and follow His Son. I don't know who wouldn't want to enjoy that caliber of life and the mere thought is thrilling to me. And as I come to know God better, I see even more that I want to be with Him and enjoy the things He enjoys. Naturally, lifestyle is a choice, and so whether or not we are able to enjoy God's lifestyle after this life, in heaven as it is often called, is a choice we have to make. God has provided the way so that every human being can enjoy eternal life - there is no quota on the number of people who can receive this blessing and life. But we have to make the choices that correspond to that type of existence or it will not be possible to enjoy it in the hereafter. Thus, I strive daily to make my life more like God's, to follow the example His Son set for us, that I may increase in my joy and love and be closer to Him. Show more Show less