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Hi I'm Amie

I grew up in Asia, love the outdoors, and live to help others be happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I spent twelve and a half years of my childhood in Asia because of my Dad's job with the State Department, and I LOVED every minute of it! I love adventure, and living in Beijing, Taiwan, Bangkok and Hong Kong were nothing short of that! I grew to love the Chinese people and culture so much, and really, I get "homesick" if I'm away from the orient too long. I love to play sports, go hiking, running, or just about anything outdoors. I love sunshine, flowers, jumping in puddles, climbing trees, making cookies, and playing Mario Kart with my younger brothers! I also love to sing, and I've been recently trying to learn the guitar, although I'm not that good at it yet, haha. I just love to have fun and discover all the little joys life has to offer. There is so much beauty in this world and so much goodness to fill our lives with! I'm a college student about ready to graduate. I'm studying Exercise and Wellness because I love living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. In fact, my mom is going back to school to finish her degree and is in the same major as me, which is super fun to study and live our passions together! I recently got engaged to the man of my dreams. He's from Alaska, so it has been even more of an adventure to discover the beauties of the arctic! But mostly it has been a miracle to see just how much God loves me to bless me with someone who feels just as passionately as I do about living a happy, wholesome life based on gospel principles.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I've learned that it's the only way to have true, lasting peace and happiness. I love living with high moral standards because it gives me strength, and helps me avoid a lot of mistakes that I might otherwise make. As a young adult there are so many things vying for our attention, but the teachings help me know what things are most important, what my purpose is, and helps me stay focused. I feel so much joy and fulfillment as I live with that purpose and perspective. I know that I can pray to my Father in Heaven to tell Him everything on my mind and in my heart, and that He hears me. I know that because I've felt so much comfort and relief as I've shared my struggles, recounted my joys and pleaded for guidance. I know these things because of faith. Faith, to me, is an action word. It means acting on something you hope is true--taking a step in the dark when you don't know for yourself, but trusting that God will follow through. I first learned that principle about scripture study. I had heard other people say how studying the scriptures made such a difference in their day, but I had never felt that so clearly. I wanted it to be true, and I wanted to see if the scriptures really could help me in my everyday life and apply to my particular circumstances. So I decided to do it. I made a goal to study the scriptures every single morning and test how the rest of the day went. It wasn't long before I could see an incredible difference. Not only was I receiving personal guidance and encouragement from Heavenly Father through the scriptures, but I was so much more able to cope with the stresses in life. I did better in school. I always accomplished my to-do list with time to spare! I felt happier and more loving. I finally knew what everyone else meant when scripture study made such a difference in their day.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by showing others how happy it is to live this way! I love helping others feel loved and cared about, because that's what the Savior would do if He were here. To me, showing that genuine love helps others feel a taste of what God's love is and hopefully that leaves them inspired. I've enjoyed serving in many different ways in the Church. I currently serve as a Gospel Doctrine teacher in Sunday School. I love it because it gives me a chance to dive into the scriptures and teach the lessons we can learn from them. I've also served as the Ward Choir Director, conducting music for our meetings that would bring the Spirit into the meeting and testify of Jesus Christ. I always tried to help the choir members remember the words and meaning of the songs instead of thinking of it as a performance. As we sang from our hearts and bore testimony through music, all were uplifted and felt closer to the Savior.

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

Each missionary has the responsibility to fund their own mission, whether it be through their own money, contributions from family or friends, or contributions from ward members. In my case, my parents said that if I would pay for all the supplies in preparation to leave, (clothes, books, etc) they would pay the monthly expenses. Because each missionary is required to pay their own way (instead of funded by the church), it means so much more and we work harder. I am grateful for my parents and their sacrifice to fund my mission. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

The modern-day Prophet has said that every young man who is worthy and able should serve a mission. It is a Priesthood responsibility, meaning that those who have been given the power and authority to act in God's name have the responsibility to teach the gospel to others. Young men become eligible to serve at age 19 and take 2 years out of schooling, a job, or any other pursuit at the time to give their full time and energy to the Lord. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the truths they have learned, to serve others, and to have life-changing experiences that provide wisdom and a foundation for the rest of their lives. For women it is a little different. We do not hold the Priesthood so it is not our direct responsibility to serve a mission. Rather, it is our choice. Many choose to serve because they have deep conviction in what they believe, want to share it with others, and are willing to set aside present opportunities. Still, many do not serve because they have other opportunities presented, such as marriage, a good job, or schooling. That does not mean they don't have deep conviction--it just means they feel there are other ways they can serve and share the gospel with others. In my case... In any case, those who serve are greatly blessed. Not only do they learn from giving selfless service, but their convictions are deepended. Any sacrifice made to go is completely worth it. The spiritual blessings are rich, and the life skills gained are practical. Show more Show less