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Hi I'm Luke

I'm a Photographer. I'm a Traveller. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm known amongst my many friends as The Camera Man, even as I currently serve a full-time mission for the church!: I always have my camera with me, ready to take a photo whenever I find the chance or have the request made! I'm seen at most events, parties and social funactions/outings with my camera, taking in the eyes of many of my friends ridisous amonut of photo's: Unlike most people that take photo's, I love sharing those photos, those moments with everyone as a record, as a keepsake and as a way to remember the good times had! I'm also the one who'll you see travelling: By all means possible, even if it did mean the 2 hour bus ride, the midnight train home, or the 6am flight just to ensure I reach my next destination! I've been lucky in that since I was young, I have been able to travel to far-flung lands most Australian's only dream about going to one day. While my travels since moving to Australia from Papua New Guinea have been limited to as far as New Zealand, the fact I've been able to spend afew days in nearly every major city in Australia and New Zealand is something I'm happy about: Not only because I've been able to see all these new places, I've been able to meet and make awesome friends and have all these amazing expirences! Meeting new people, going to different places. having all these amazing experiences, and keeping a record of everything in word & picture; All while living The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family that were members of the church, and have never looked back as I've grown up. Even with the family moving from New Zealand to Papua New Guninea and eventually to Australia, the core values and teachings of the church have been taught to me and my siblings from a very young age and have been the same wherever I've lived! I was baptized in a water tank in Lae, Papua New Guninea by my Dad when I was 8, and from what my parents and many church teachers and leaders have shared and taught with me since I could remember, to me it has all made sense. My testiomony and my belief in this church has only been strengthed as I myself have had my own perosnal expirences and have also seen both sides of the picture in those who have lived the gospel of Jesus Christ and those who haven't: Many of my friends who have stayed true to the church have had much happier and greater lifes than those who I've seen fallen away or haven't been able to have the knowldge of the restored gospel yet. I can't imagine my life without the church in my life: I couldn't see myself without the happiness and peace I've already expirenced.

How I live my faith

I'm currently serving as a full-time missionary for the church, right now somewhere in the state of Western Australia. Before that, I was heavily involved in church callings and assignments for Youth (Boys and Girls aged between the ages of 12 to 17) and Young-Single Adults, (Men & Women between the ages of 18 to 29). I would usually be the one that would get the calls, the texts, the Facebook messages and be the person to talk to with any questions or concerns about any upcoming event: From the local, church social gathering at someone's home to large events as the Australian National Young-Single Adult Conference held in Sydney over the New Year's of 2009/2010. I now currently devote all my time and energy to inviting others unto Christ, by helping about The Restored Gospel that I've known for my entire life. It's different from the normal life that I had, but I love every experience that has come my way: They all have only been for my benefit! And as I've been able to make people understand even just a little bit more about the church, and see the smiles on there faces, it makes all the slammed doors and blank stares from others seem like nothing, and my time out here worthwhile! Besides my callings and assignments before my mission, I lived my life to the best I could with attending as many church activities and social outings with family & friends - My weekends usually planned 2 months in advance - working full-time to save for the mission. Whatever spare time I did have was usually spent planning or catching up on the paperwork and others bits and pieces I needed to do (Update one of many YSA Facebook Groups, sort out photo's for archiving) - Rest wasn't really an option!