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Hi I'm Lindsay

I'm a dreamer, a passionate wife and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife and mother. I've been married for 10 years and have four beautiful children, 3 boys and a girl. I am a homeschooling mom with a personal passion not only for nurturing a love of learning within my children but for also continuing my own education. I recently completed a BS degree in Sociology. My hobbies include reading, journaling, cross stitching, photography, digital scrapbooking, teaching, traveling, and family history. Before I was married, I enjoyed the experiences of being a girls camp counselor for two summers, a studio photographer, and teaching English at a university in northeastern China.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a faithful Mormon home and was baptized when I was 8 years old. Generations before me, my ancestors were converted to the Mormon religion and many of them immigrated to America to gather with the early members of the church in Salt Lake City. Despite my Mormon heritage, there have been changes within my immediate family that have given me reason to seriously ponder why I continue to follow this faith. Since my youth, there have been some of my family members, including a parent, who have chosen to leave the church. In my efforts to maintain close relationships with my family members and to understand them in the way that they see themselves, I feel that I have become truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was very difficult for me at first to consider thoughts such as, "what if everything I've ever believed to be true, isn't?" I sought the Lord in prayer and kept my heart open to the whisperings of His Spirit. I began reading my journals from my childhood and in them I found I had recorded small experiences where I knew without a doubt that my prayers had been heard and answered by God and that he loved me. Realizing that I truly had received witnesses of His Spirit in my youth helped me to have the desire to continue to believe. Being a Mormon, to me, is a committed choice. I have made promises to my Heavenly Father to live my life in the way that is pleasing to Him because I believe in His promise of earthly blessings of happiness and the wonderful blessing of eternal life. I want to keep those promises that I have made. I have felt peace of mind and pure joy as a result of living a covenant life. It's not always easy. Most days are a walk of faith, but the times when I have unquestioningly felt of God's love for me and His pleasure in the choices I am making, have strengthened my testimony and my resolve to continue walking in this way. I have a very strong testimony of Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for His children. This plan provides me with a deep sense of purpose in my life. I believe that God lives and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us the way to live and to suffer for our sins so that when I change my heart and come unto Him I can be made clean through the atoning blood of Christ. I believe in Jesus Christ, that He is my Savior. I believe He lived and died and was resurrected, and that because of this, I too can be resurrected. I believe that God speaks to His children today through personal revelation and through the voice of a living prophet. I believe that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as His power and authority has been restored to the earth and that it was done so through Joseph Smith. I believe that The Book of Mormon truly is the word of God, another testament of Jesus Christ. I have read that book countless times and there is a power within it. I love the principles that are taught in The Book of Mormon and have found them to be true by putting them into practice in my life. I love living the gospel because I feel like it brings me freedom, happiness, patience and understanding. I certainly have questions about things I don't understand, but as I seek for my answers, I allow my faith and trust in the Lord to guide me in the process so that my testimony is not eroded. I am so thankful for being a Mormon. I have been taught so much wisdom that has helped me to mature and succeed in this life so that now I feel I have much to give to others. Being a Mormon has helped me to make wise choices and to become the kind of person that I would like to be friends with. I am grateful for all that I am and I give my thanks unto God. His hand has been evident throughout my life.

How I live my faith

I attend church every Sunday where I worship the Lord and renew my covenants with God in Sacrament Meeting for the first hour. The next hour is spent studying the scriptures in a classroom type setting with other men and women. The last hour of my Sunday meetings is spent studying the gospel of Jesus Christ with other women who are striving to live a Christlike life as I am. Each month I make special visits to a few women in my neighborhood to share a gospel message with them and to become better friends. I have loved the friendships I have made through these visiting teaching opportunities. I also have the opportunity to work with the young women in my area, ages 12 to 18, in helping them make and accomplish goals that help them to strengthen their faith and testimony in Christ, develop their personal gifts and talents, be prepared to strengthen their own homes and families (current and future), and to be prepared to enter into the temple of God to make and keep sacred covenants with Him. I study the gospel daily in my home with my family and on my own. I love reading and learning from the scriptures. I maintain a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father through daily personal prayer. Most importantly I try to live by the two great commandments: to love God with all my heart, and to love my neighbors as myself: the Golden Rule of treating others in the way I'd like to be treated.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are amazing. They are committed to a unified purpose of strengthening and fortifying families. They are caring teachers and leaders in their homes and communities. Mormons do believe in the equality of men and women. In fact, we believe that one without the other cannot live eternally in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We need each other. Our strengths compliment each other. We believe that men and women share equally in their responsibilities to provide for, teach and nurture their families. Although we equally share the ultimate responsibility, we each respectively focus on a dimension of that responsibility and make that our primary responsibility so that our gifts and talents are best suited to the needs of our marriages and families. Show more Show less