James: Mormon.

Hi I'm James

About Me

I'm a college graduate who enjoys troubleshooting problems and selling cool mobile phones and gadgets. I also enjoy foreign languages, literature, writing, science fiction, and many genres of music. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is also very important in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Being a Mormon feels right to me. It not only feels right, but it feels true. With prayer, scripture study, and obedience, I can feel the Holy Ghost with me through out my day. I have a testimony - a strong spiritual experience - that the Book of Mormon is true. It is not only "true," but the Spirit testifies to its perfect truthfulness every time I read it. I'm a Mormon because I want to be a member of Christ's restored Church on Earth. I also love knowing that we have a living prophet who guides us in these turbulent times. Most of all, I'm a Mormon because I was to be. I want to serve the Lord and do what I can to please him. I know I will make mistakes, but I also know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be cleansed of sins. It's also important to me that Jesus lives, and he is my personal Savior. There is nothing greater than that! I was away from the presence of God for a long time in my life. One day, I felt so alone and empty, that I called up to God and asked him to help me. Not long after I made that prayer, I met the local missionaries. They taught me the Gospel, and while they did, I could feel the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. I began reading The Book of Mormon, and I was filled with the spirit again with a warm feeling in my heart: I knew the Book of Mormon was true. Since then I have felt God's love, and I am confident that he loves me. I have also come to know my Redeemer, Jesus Christ, allows me to return to the presence of Heavenly Father and live with him forever.

Personal Stories

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

This question is somewhat difficult because the Savior taught in many ways: directly, with parables, and through his own actions. The Savior's teachings that have influenced my life, although it might seem obvious, is forgiveness. Being able to be forgiven, and also being able to forgive others, and let go and giving that over to Jesus. I've also learned to have more empathy and understanding for other people. And, his greatest teaching of all, is to love him, and love Heavenly Father. My love for God and my love for my fellow men and women have greatly influenced my life. How? I think I have become a more disciplined, more calm, and a more centered person. I have felt the presence of the Spirit more often. I have brought blessings not only to my life but to the lives of others. For example, the Savior's teachings of faith and hope have brought great blessings to my life. I have been through some rough times lately. My brother passed away, and I recently was laid off from my job. The Savior has helped carry me through these hard times and face the challenges in my life with true clarity and focus. He has kept me from becoming angry and bitter. Instead, he has shown me that Heavenly Father always loves me, and, through the Holy Ghost, I can feel that love, even when life is treating you rough. I always have faith in Jesus, and I always have hope that he will Save me so I can have eternal life with Heavenly Father.

What is hope and what do you hope for?

For me, hope is the bright and joyful expectation of good things to come. Hope is not faith. That is, I don't think we just "hope" Jesus lives - that is something we have faith and believe to be true. So, with faith, one can have hope without doubt. One can be at peace and look forward to the blessings that the Lord promises to give us in this life and in the next. I hope for a life blessed by the Lord and in harmony with his Gospel. I hope to develop a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ. I hope to return to the presence of Heavenly Father. And I hope everyone else who has ever lived and ever will live will be able to hear the Gospel and know Christ's love for them.

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

Before I read the Book of Mormon, I had the same questions as most people why are we here, what is the meaning of life, and what happens to us after we die. These were very troubling questions for me. However, with the confirmation of its truth by the Holy Ghost, I read about the Great Plan of Happiness in the Book of Mormon. Not only did I feel it was true, but it made sense to me and validated many feelings that I have had before in my life. Overall, the Book of Mormon has helped me understand that I am a child of God, that I once lived with him and I will return to live with him again. The purpose of this life is to grow and become like our Heavenly Father, but it is also so we can experience joy. The trials of this life are really blessings that help us grow in ways we could not have other wise. 

How I live my faith

I believe that faith is principle and action. So the question itself, "how do I live my faith," actually implies that having faith means that you have to have action. I live my faith by trying to emulate my life after the Savior, Jesus Christ. But, I often fail. Regardless, I try to be loving, understanding, charitable, to have hope, and to believe without knowing. And in regard to believing without knowing, to act on those beliefs. To bear a testimony that the Savior lives. To bear a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that we have a living prophet on Earth today. I live my faith by how I live my life, by emulating the Savior because I have faith that the Savior lived, and continues to live, and I, too, will live, like the Savior. My faith is lived through my values, my beliefs, my actions, through service, through charity, and also through the very important process of atonement. Believing in the atonement and believing that my sins can be forgiven - going through that repentance process - takes faith. Also feeling the Holy Ghost, and knowing that it guides me. Plus, having a Heavenly Father, who is a person, like me, who is here and listens to me, and loves me very much. So much that he sent his perfect son to suffer and die for us. In a small way, I live my faith by managing the online calendar for my ward as well.