Brenda: Mormon.

Hi I'm Brenda

About Me

I am married for time and all eternity to my best friend. We have two teenagers, a boy and a girl, and one preteen girl. We live in California were we enjoy spending time together as a family. Some of our favorite family activities include, bicycling, trips to the beach or hiking and camping. Our favorite hiking/camping destination is Yosemite which is only a few short hours from home and where we can go to enjoy Heavenly Father's wonderful creations and feel his love for us through them. Our favorite Sunday of the year is when we get to go to the Yosemite Chapel with the Young Men of our congregation and have and help run the services there while the Young Men offer the sacrament to all those in attendance. What a beautiful place to show grattitude for Heavenly Father and all he has given us. I love living a healthy and active lifestyle. I want to keep up with my children and in order for me to do that I need to eat healthy and stay active. I actually enjoy making whole grain breads out of grains I have ground into flour myself. I enjoy cooking from scratch and figuring out ways to make my foods healthier. I haven't always been this healthy in eating or this active but since becoming so again I find that I feel closer to my Heavenly Father when I take care of my body in a way that would be pleasing to him.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was born to parents who were members of the church I still had the choice to make as to whether or not I wanted to stay in the church. I learned young that my life was so much easier to live when I lived the teachings of the gospel. A lot of people have commented that the church takes your freedom away but to me it gives you so much more freedom when you live the gospel. I am free from the consequences of not making good choices. I am free of addictions that I might otherwise suffer from. I am free to be me by living the gospel and I am free to collect on all the many blessings that I get when I make good choices. I am far from perfect. I make many mistakes but because of the gospel of Jesus Christ I know of Heavenly Father's and Jesus' love for me and I know I can repent of my sins through Jesus' atonement for me and all mankind. I am thankful for the sacrifices he has made us. Every blessing I recieve I want for my family and friends and for all mankind but I know that each individual will have to chose this for themselves. Heavenly Father offers us a bounty of treasures but it is up to us individually to take them and to chose what we will do with these treasures.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

After moving to a new town and when I was 6 months pregnant with my third child my husband was working a late night shift. Just after 4am my phone rang and before I even answered it I knew that there would be some emergency personel on the other end to inform me that my husband had been in a car accident. I also immediately felt comfort and knew that he would be in the hospital but that things would be okay. I answered the phone and indeed was informed that he had been in an accident just 3/4 miles from home and was in the local hospital being prepared to be heleported out of town to a hospital capable of treating him. According to the x-rays that had been taken he had a shattered hip. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I knew who I should call to watch my two toddlers so I could go to the hospital. They heleported my husband to the closest city where he could get the type of care he needed. As I talked to the doctor at the hospital about my husbands condition I felt peace. As I drove over an hour to the hospital he had been transfered to I felt not just peace but I felt blessed. I felt so grateful for the gospel because I knew that it offered me blessings. I felt that this was a trial that all though it might be hard to go through would bless our family and that everything would be okay. Through all of this stress which included my husband being in the hospital for a month and the arrival of our baby, I felt probably more peaceful than ever and it was because of the comfort of the Holy Ghost. I have felt that comfort at other times as well. The Holy Ghost hasn't just comforted me but has taught me as well. It is through him that I have felt answers to my prayers. In this experience I have just shared he taught me what I needed to do, who I needed to put my trust in and mostly of Heavenly Father's love for me. Heavenly Father loves our family so much he gives us trials to deal with so we can be blessed through the experiences we have.

How I live my faith

Joseph Smith was once asked how he was able to get all of his followers to do what he told them to do. His response was that he taught them correct principles and then let them govern themselves. In raising our children my husband and I try to teach our children correct principles so that when they mature they will be prepared to govern themselves. We try to do the basics with them of holding weekly Family Home Evenings, daily scripture study and family prayer. I try to live my my religion so that others who see how I live will want to have some of the wonderful blessings that I enjoy. I hope that by my example others will find an interest in the gospel of Jesus Christ and will want to live better lives themselves.