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Hi I'm Chester - aka "Grandpa Chet"

Jack-of-all-trades; master of few. Husband, dad, grandpa, magician, mentalist, speaker, soldier, rolegamer.. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Public speaker and mentalist (which is not what the TV show would have you think it is, though the show is fun) my wife and I travel the country, frequently visiting grandchildren who are scattered all across the USA. My wife, one daughter, three grandchildren, and I are the only active members in our family - but we pray twice daily for the rest of our family and love 'em to pieces. We've all been sealed in the temple, and we hold to those promises and blessings. And I really need to get a good picture of me to put at the upper left, don't I?

Why I am a Mormon

It's either true or it isn't. There's really no middle ground. I took the challenge: I prayed and got a clear, audible answer. It's that simple. The church is not only true, it is practical. A church or religion which doesn't try to help a person lift themselves from poverty, depression, or any of the other evils of this world - is not practical. The leader and the founder of this church is and always will be Jesus Christ. Through Him and my fellow Latter-day Saints, I strive each day to be a better husband, father, and grandpa. In my afflictions, He is there. In my successes, He is there. I've come from the darkness of doubt and deceit and know, personally, my Savior, my oldest brother, and my best friend - the Lord Jesus Christ. With Him, I now have more love in my life than I ever thought possible. A wonderful wife, wonderful children, wonderful grandchildren - and all of us sealed as a family of God for all time and eternity. What's not to love about a life like this?

How I live my faith

My wife and I work in the temple as often as we can in our travels, and love serving in callings, home/visit teaching, and in any other fashion we might. We consider ourselves very active member missionaries and are frequently found giving out passalong cards and copies of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and/or the Doctrine & Covenants/Pearl of Great Price. If you want to know what those "other books" are, drop me a line!

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Chester - aka "Grandpa Chet"
Ask Heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, if it's true. Study the Word of God. Keep asking. Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Chester - aka "Grandpa Chet"
Yep. OK, they tell me that a straight and simple answer isn't enough. I suppose I need to give a reason why I know - not just believe - that there is a prophet like Moses alive today. I asked the Lord in prayer. He told me. Again - simple. Yes, there are folks who will tell you that the Lord will not speak to you personally. There are even folks who will tell you that He can't - or doesn't even live! I know, because I was one of those people. I'm here to tell you the Lord lives! His Only Begotten not only died for us, He rose and lives still! He is the head of His church, and makes the final decisions - as well as reveals what is needed for new challenges. He inspired a prophet to have us build and open enough temples to bring them to 100 by 2000. He inspired another prophet to permit more young people to participate on missions - causing a more than 400% increase in applications for a mission. He continues to lead us and guide us - all the way down to revelation to even the least of his children: even me. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Chester - aka "Grandpa Chet"
First of all - they're fun! For me, they've always been fun. A good friend in Alaska told me that if I'm not having fun I wasn't "doing the Gospel right." And he's correct. There is great joy in meeting together with the Latter-day Saints. (Don't go looking for perfect or sin-free people though. We're all in great need of His atonement, and even the kindest of us can goof and say the wrong thing at the wrong time.) There's no passing of the plate, and there's no "official" preacher who is paid to preach. Instead, us regular members are asked to speak ("give talks," we like to say) there there may be two or three of us who give talks, broken up by music and hymns. The best talks I've heard have been from children or teenagers, but the grown-ups aren't bad either. If you're new to this - we LOVE visitors! - join us in the Gospel Principles class after the sacrament (main) meeting! Currently, my wife and I teach that class, and it introduces the foundational doctrines of the Gospel. "Milk before meat" as Isaiah warned, yet our discussions in class get pretty heavy! At the same time (2d hour) young people will meet in youth classes according to age, right down to the 18-month olds who will not only be watched in nursery, but will learn as they play and grow. 3d hour (Yes, we can go on for three hours. Fun, such as a roller coaster, a good movie, or church meetings, can last three hours.) women go one way, men go another, and we compare notes afterward. Show more Show less