What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Erin

About Me

I'm a university student in the southeastern United States studying international economics. When I was growing up, my family moved often and lived among many different cultures. That experience made me curious about the world. I love learning about other nations, and I love studying the way people around the world can impact each other. I especially love studying languages and listening to the music of other cultures. It gives me joy to see the different ways that God's children create beauty.

Why I am a Mormon

For as long as I can remember my relationship with my Heavenly Father has always been very personal. I know He is real because I pray to Him and He answers. When I was a little girl and was scared, I would pray and He would comfort me. When I was a teenager and friends were mean, I would pray and He would help me to be kind and feel worthwhile. As a young adult, I pray for guidance in my education and career goals and He answers. In every life experience, both good and bad, I have prayed and received answers. Sometimes the answers were not what I wanted, but always there was an answer. I am a Mormon because I asked God if this was His church and He told me it was. Just before the Savior's crucifixion, He promised His disciples that He would send another Comforter - the Holy Ghost. He promised that the Holy Ghost would teach us all things, comfort us, and testify of truth. I feel the Holy Ghost in my life when I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I feel His presence at church. I feel it when I study the scriptures. I feel it when I listen to the words of the prophets. And most of all, I feel it when I hear people bear testimony of the divinity of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that this is Christ's church because of the powerful witness of the Holy Ghost.

How I live my faith

As a single person, I like to spend my time with other singles. My church friends and I work together to plan activities and service projects. We like to plan activities that are wholesome and uplifting and allow us to get to know each other better. We play sports and games, watch movies, cook good food, and clean up areas in our community. We also travel all over the region for dances. These activities are a good place for us to get away from all the negative things in the world. Together, we practice being more Christlike. We share our goals, and we encourage each other to keep high standards. I also serve as a secretary in a women's service organization. Recently we organized an event celebrating things that are virtuous, lovely, or praiseworthy. Women and girls from 11 cities and towns came together to share ways we can make the world better. One teenage girl talked about her efforts to be positive for a whole week. She talked about how it affected her classmates, teachers, and family. A young mother talked about her efforts to make her home a more peaceful place. One group of women talked about service that their congregation had done. Some people performed music, others performed skits. There was even a fashion show emphasizing clothing that was modest but still fashionable. The event was empowering because it reminded us of the things we can do to create joy in our hearts and in our homes.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Our Father in Heaven is a real being. We can build a relationship with Him as we would with any other person. We can come to know Him as we spend more time with Him. We do this as we pray to Him, study his words, and live his teachings. When we pray to the Father, we must listen. If we do not take the time to listen, not only do we miss important answers, we miss the opportunity to feel His love for us. We can come to know the Father better as we feel His presence in prayer. We can learn the will of our Father from the scriptures and the prophets. In the scriptures we find patterns of love, forgiveness, patience, mercy, and justice. We can know our Father better as we study His dealings with His children. The best way to come to know the Father is to live his teachings. As we forgive those who have hurt us, we understand the love of the Father better. As we pursue education and develop our talents, we understand the wisdom of the Father better. As we work on our family relationships, we understand the role of the Father better. As we give service, we understand the joy of the Father better. Like with any relationship, coming to know our Father in Heaven is a process. It is a life long pursuit. But the Father's love is constant and pure. Even though it can take us a long time to know Him, He already knows and loves us. When we seek Him sincerely, we can feel His love immediately. Show more Show less